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My ex divorced me by lying to the Jamaica Court and now I need child support

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I found out that the man I married and live with used a paralegal to help him to get a divorce. When I checked the documents he submitted, I learnt from an attorney that an ‘affidavit of diligent search’ was submitted, although we live together with our five children. He went up to Canada recently and is now getting ready to get married to a Jamaican over there. I am not surprised he went through with the divorce behind my back. I am left with the children and I need to get child support, but I don’t have the money required to go back to that lawyer who checked up on the file. I am just now trying to get a little work. So I need to know the ways you and your team can help me, because I definitely do not want to use any Legal aid clinic. 

– Jamaican without a husband


RESPONSE: Dear Jamaican without a husband

You will need an attorney at law to assist you and so we can discuss your budget and assist you to get a good attorney. Fraud was committed upon the court, and the attorney can assist to get certain aspects of the ruling set aside and a new order to your benefit. The issue of child support in particular needs to be addressed. Please write us and give an idea of your budget, so we assist you to find an attorney willing to work with you.

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