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My Jamaican exgirlfriend wont leave my house, I need to evict her…

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I live in Spanish Town, Jamaica. I found you on the internet. I have a woman in my room I am trying to get out, but the police says I have to take her to court. She used to be my girlfriend, and up to now she does not want to work. She finds all kinds of excuses for example she is always sick. She has no children for me. I dated her one year and then she moved in for three (3) years. In almost two (2) years, after those 3 years, I have been doing everything to get her out. I do not speak to her, so we do not have sex full stop. She has only her clothes in the house, but doesn’t want to leave. She says she wants $100,000 Jamaican dollars, and her name on my title, although I offered her $20,000 plus furniture.
She had nothing when I met her, but she claims she washed, cleaned and cooked for me. She didn’t cook after a while because I cooked for myself and locked my kitchen door. She still cooks outside as she can’t go live with her children she used to live with before me. She told the police I threatened to kill her, but when they came they saw two beds in my room, one is hers the other is mine and she told them we have been living together for six years so they left her alone. Sometimes she is still coming at me even though I am trying to avoid her.


RESPONSE: Dear Bobbie,

You need to serve her a notice officially, as she legally entered your house and is deemed a ‘tenant’, even though she does not pay rent. After that you will need to take out a summons through the courts when the notice has expired. When you appear in Court, make sure you are clear in your report and desire. Make sure for example you prove that after the initial three (3) years you did not have a sexual relationship with her and tried to get her out, even if you allowed her to stay till she found somewhere. You should make reports to the Police of everything she does to harm you and save your receipts. Please try to speak to a lawyer in person before Court appearance.

All the best!

Legal Wiz

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