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My mother-in-law thinks I am too fat for her son


Q: I am Jamaican and my husband is Puerto Rican. We both love each other, but I think my mother-in-law is trying to break up our marriage. My husband’s previous girlfriend was thin as a “stick” and was a model. I have some “meat” on my bones. I am thick skinned but my mother-in-law is constantly dropping hints about my weight and me being fat. She thinks I don’t know Spanish so she speaks to my husband about my weight. She calls me Gorda, “fatty” in Spanish. The last straw is the “work out video” she gave me for my birthday. I am about to “trace” her and tell her some Jamaican bad words. I am just sick and tired of her.

A: What does your husband have to say about how you look? Is he comfortable with the “meat on your bones”? If his mother is not his messenger speaking for him, then ignore her. “Ole yuh tongue”, your husband needs to talk to her. It’s his mother and so he has to put his foot down and come to your defense.

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