My Experience is different for the Positive stories on

I was born 1977 in jamaica, ina small town called waterhouse. In 1986 my mom along with my 6 siblings migrated to the United States. We first moved to Brooklyn then settled in the Bronx. My experience is quite different from the positive articles i’ve read on Ive never been to College, acheived a G.E.D education, and 3 of my siblings have been deported due to criminal behavior. I lived in jamaica for eight years and to me its the most beautiful country in the world.

Although my experience was a bad one because of the fact i was raised in the impoverished heart of the jamaican ghetto.which at the time was the murder capital of the world. Even with my limited education i have made a pretty decent life for my self, acquiring a blue collar job and currently reside in a middle class section of queens. I am extremely proud to be Jamaican and admire their ambitious drive and relentless
integrity most bring with them to the U.S.

Unfortunately i am not a U.S citizen and cannot travel to my wonderful birthplace due to a(youthful offender) felony attained while i was a teenager. Fact is I may not be able to re-enter the U.S. But I definately plan to retire there.