Boston Poems

Mystical Man

As her eyes meet his,

in a mystical way

she sense excellence

she sense divinity

She watches him

standing tall, and bold

His sculpt body speaks strength

has sweat dripped from the hot sun,

she admires the color of his skin,

the warmth of his face

His strength commanded her attention,

He reminded her of great warriors

untold of,

riding wild horses/unafraid—he tamed.

Quickly, she turned her face

to the sky for she fears he may see

truth of her heart.

She seek wisdom as nature sings

there she heard love speak—for awhile,

until—Pow! Pow! Pow!

she sees him in a mist,

waving goodbye,

She is awaken to the sound

of technology.

She remember the softness

in his eyes,

She remember the calm

of his presence,

She remember/ the virtue

of his heart.

©2007 Maxine Foster

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