The Office of Nature in Negril JA

I just returned from two weeks in Jamaica and wanted to spread the word about the piece of heaven I found while I was there. We were staying with a Jamaican friend who was working ,so we were left to ourselves alot.

On our second day we went to Bloody Bay which is the beach just around the point from Negril Beach, we were at the part of the Bay used by the “Negril Cabins”. We had been there about an hour when two guys began to try to convince us to go to the “office”. We were totally against wandering down the beach with two strange guys who wanted to take us to their office, but they were very persistent and extremely sweet so at the end of the day we finally agreed to check it out. Well we found a cove in the trees just off the beach, a wood burning grill with freshly caught lobster, rice, and various strange Jamaican vegetables cooking. A cooler full of Red Stripe, Heineken, and Ting, picnic tables made from bits of drift wood, and a definite lack of obnoxious tourists. The “office” is run by the nicest bunch of guys you can imagine. Bhagha, Bingy, and Gritty do all the cooking, Bingo and Pepe bring in the people, make change and generally make sure that everyone is happy, and Seymore stands around and smiles alot. The Lady Christine sells trinkets and cigarettes, and is occasionally replaced by the very sweet Jimmy. We ended up spending every day of our two week stay on Bloody Bay with the crew at the “Office of Nature”. We were treated with an incredible amount of respect and care. We even went out on Ash Wednesday, to “Roots Bamboo” to see some reggae, only to find all the boys waiting for us, they made sure we were not harassed and got us a wicked deal on a cab ride home. I have to say that without the boys our vacation would not have been the incredible success it was. I would suggest to everyone who is sick of all inclusive segregation, that they check out “The Office”. Tell them Liz and Sue from Canada say “HIGH” and we wish we were there. And Bring Pepe some sunglasses!!!!!!!