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I need a Deed Poll to renew my Jamaican passport

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I have been living over here in America for over 10 years and my passport expired. My name has always been hyphenated, and now i need the hyphen removed because I was never married. The names are actually my father’s middle and last name, but at birth it was recorded incorrectly because it was believed that my fathers middle name was a last name for itself.
When I got to the States the names were never hyphenated and I have been using it as such all along. Now that I need my passport from Jamaica renewed the office is telling me to do a deed poll to remove the hyphen. Can you explain a bit about the deed poll and assist me to get one done.
Daynia Dawes


RESPONSE: Dear Daynia,
We can assist to get the deed poll done. With a deed poll you are obligating yourself and others to (1) Abandon the use of your former name (2) Use your new name only at all times; (3) Require all persons to address you by your new name.
To get it done, you will need to submit your original birth certificate along with the actual deed poll document and proof of your usage of the new name. The proof can be in the form of affidavits from persons who can confirm your using the new name.
Legal Wiz

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