My New Form of Discipline – Letters from a Jamaican in China

Hello All,

Today was an interesting day for me. As I told you before I have opted to just put the misbehaving children out instead of calling them names. Hope that makes you all feel better.

Well, today I had a student that insisted on talking while I was talking and when the other students were reading. Let me start by saying that I start each class by saying ” NO TALKING WHEN I AM TALKING, OR WHEN SOMEONE ELSE IS TALKING, UNDERSTAND?” and I always get a yes. Well this little boy just didn’t seem to care, so I put him out. I have explained to them in vivid detail what that means. Well being the genius that he is, instead of going on about is business he opted to hang around and disrupt the class from outside, by climbing on the wall and trying to look in the window.

When I put kids out, I don’t send them to the principal’s office, I don’t care where they go, as long as they get out of my face. Well, then his even dumber friend tried to open the door for him with me standing right there. That bought him a ticket to “putoutsville”. And again instead of going away they chose to hang around. I told them to meet me in front of the teachers lounge when class was over, right after I finished yelling at them. Luckily the PE teacher was in the courtyard with a class and witnessed this.

When we got to the lounge, luckily, there was a teacher in there that spoke English, and I told her what happened. She immediately started yelling at them in Chinese. And then she said to me ” you should punch them”. I said ” I don’t want to hit anyone”. She said” I, said, PUNCH THEM” and with that she went straight Crouching Tiger on them. Just then the PE teacher came in, and didn’t even ask questions, he started kickin’ butt too! Next came Mr. Bighead, (i don’t know his name, but he has a big head) who takes great joy in beating up the students.

I think someone might have explained what happened, but he joined in too! He hit one kid in the back so hard, it echoed through his, ears and nose! They were getting hit from every angle, and all they could do is stand there with their hands behind their backs! It was like they were being jumped into a gang. Like they owed them money and were late with the payment! In China you can’t hit kids in the classroom. But there is no law that says you can’t take them to the teachers lounge and “PUT IT AUN ‘EM”.

I must admit, I didn’t mean for them to get in that much trouble. It made me feel…..well……all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I was like…”Oh YEAH. AIM FO’ DA RIBS! GIVE ‘EM ONE MO’ TO DA HEAD! BEAT ‘EM LIKE THEY STOLE SUMTHIN” Yes. I was quite elated! I know, I know, I’m horrible and mean and all those things, but then would I really be Shelly if I wasn’t? Keep your replies about me being brutal. I already know.



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