Interview With Mark Pratt, CEO and publisher of New Generation Dad Magazine

Q: Where in Jamaica are you from and how long have you lived in the USA ?

I use to live in Meadowbrook Mews just below Meadowbrook High School in Kingston. I have been in the USA 10 years total.

Q: What Jamaican person inspired you growing up?

My mother and my brother were my inspirations, My mother because of the work she had to do as a single parent and my brother for being an A student in school and very hard worker.

Q: What inspired you to start New Generation Dad Magazine?

While my wife was pregnant with our son Justin, there were a lot of magazines and books that focused on the mother and other mothers giving advice about pregnancy and raising a baby but not much for the dads.So I came up with the idea to do the magazine.

Q: What is the main goal of New Generation Dad Magazine? Who is the target market? Is it new father or all fathers?

It is our goal to adjust society’s perception of the role fathers play in the family unit. The target audience for New Generation Dad is men 25-45 years old who are fathers or role models in their community. The secondary target market is mothers of the same age who recognize the importance of active fatherhood.

Q: How has the magazine been received?

The magazine has so far gotten good reviews, trying spread the word/ magazine as we go along. Thanks for allowing me to communicate to masses through

Q: Where would someone pick up a copy? Is it available in Jamaica ? How often is it published? Who does the writing?

At the moment, the magazine is distributed from home. So far it is not being distributed in Jamaica, only to friends and family, however, if anyone would like to recieve a copy can send there address to [email protected] I will send them a copy.

As for the writing I have gotten articles from people who I’ve met online, I am always looking for writers to contribute to the magazine. Writers can be fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, mentors etc.

Q: I am sure you have seen the statistics on parenting in the black family. As a black man do you believe that black men have stepped to the plate when it comes to parenting?

I definately think so, that alot of black men have stepped up but most of the time the news has portray us in a negative light, mind you there are a few that gives the rest a bad name.

Q: What do you think can be done to address this situation and will your magazine address these types of issues?

I think we need to have more role models for these kids coming up today.We need mentors to talk to them about responsibilty, It’s a vicious cycle. Children live what they learn, these are some of the issues that the magazine will focus on.

Q: How many children do you have?

One. Justin, he is 16 months old.

Q: What is the most difficult part of being a “new” father?

For me, it was getting to understand what he wanted when he was a newborn now as a toddler you get to know his wants including the language,_expression and body movements.

Q: If you have one “do over” as a “new” father what would it be?

I wouldn’t change anything I am very hands on, from being in the delivery room and being able to cut his umbilical cord to going to doctors appointment.

Q: You are a “stay-at-home” father. How has that experience been for you?

I has it’s ups and down,you can’t just get up and go do the things you would like at the drop of a dime and you have to mindful of alot of things. For example, he has to get his regular naps, eat at certain times, etc. Most of all you are on his time. Apart from that It’s a great experience as you get to see new things that he does from his first step to his first words which co-incidentally was DAD.

Q: Do you friends and family frown on you because of this? Do you get bored not having an adult to talk to during the day?

My family and close friends understand,others ask if I am still at home. Alot of people, especially women always wonder if I have a day off from work or am I giving mom a break, while some admire what I am doing. There are alot of us SAHDs (Stay-At-Home-Dads)and it’s a growing trend.

I do get bored sometimes but he keeps me very busy thus allowing the days to go by fast.

Q: If you had all the father in the world in one room what one piece of advice would you impart to them?

Enjoy every moment with your child, they adore you, you are their world. They imitate your every movement / word. You form they future, don’t let the moment pass.

Q: Thanks for the interview? Any final words for the readers?

Thank you for taking the time to learn about magazine and the purpose behind it. I would for all the readers get a copy and feel free to write in any questions or ideas they would like to see address by fathers in our society.

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