Newsweek Magazine to Feature Bob Marley in Special Issue

Bob Marley Cover Newsweek Magazine

Newsweek Magazine’s special issue, which it is calling the official 70th anniversary tribute to reggae legend Bob Marley, has just hit the newsstands in the United States. The magazine’s 100-page feature is dedicated to the Marley family, Jamaica, and several musical genres including reggae rocksteady and ska. In addition to chronicling the life of Bob Marley and the influence his music and ideology has had on fans around the world, it includes over 100 rarely seen photos of Marley, his band the Wailers, his children, and other pioneers in reggae, including “Coxsone” Dodd. Some of the highlights of the photographic display include a picture from 1966 of the wedding of Bob and Rita Marley before he began to grow his dreadlocks and one from the “Is This Love” video shoot from 1978 in London, which gave model Naomi Campbell a spotlight role. A large portion of the article’s narrative is provided by Marley’s children, Ziggy, Stephen and Cedella.

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