Next prophet

I am the new voice of the millennia
I have survived several cases of leukemia
I am overcoming Babylon forces.
In my table, I see several choices,
In my soul, I am hearing angels voices
my hopes survived the inevitable tortures
its like evading a sharp arrow from a poacher
I humbled to learn new skills that I never learned in my culture
due to my inevitable departure.
enviably, its love that I nurture.
And that’s my nature!

half dark, half light dressed up like a sea mermaid
twelve hours of hope and twelve hours of despair
offers a wise man the littlest known peace of mind
the mystery presents the only drama of its kind.
twelve months in year, running with fear
corresponds to twelve disciples in the bible.
The paintings are everywhere on the wall
but you can only see them through your soul

I said I am a messiah,
I am here to prophesai, not to crucify
so when I shout out, FIRE!
I am sending a warning to every man
…get on your feet and run.
looking at the clock, standing on the block
I see lord above ready to run a catastrophe
why save Babylon while there is Zion
why have another king while there is lion

…You wonder why I am rising from a different corner?
I am a soldier in a battle fighting alone, not a mourner
my genes are hard to find even using a toner.
one life to live, yet another reason why love gotta give
brotherhood is not in the blood and neither in your manhood
but its both critical and ethical in the journey of life.
while its clear poetry is helping me soar to greater heights
love is among the many things that I find on the way
sad enough, pain is evidently present in the circle of life.

About the author

Peter akacurly