Niece is no tenant or squatter, but I need her to vacate

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
My niece is giving me a mountain of problems. I gave her a notice to leave my premises after she started disrespecting me as an old woman. I want to rent it to someone else. I did promise it to her but need to rent it right now.
But instead of leaving she is cursing me that I cant treat her like a squatter because she used to help me around the house. She never paid any rent though so I used to allow her to assist with little jobs around the house.
But she is rude and feisty and I am old so she needs to leave.
Gertrude Bennett

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RESPONSE: Dear Gertrude,
Technically she is a licensee as she was given permission to be in your house. She is not a squatter because she got permission to be there. She is no tenant as she does not pay rent.
A written notice of 30 days or one month must be given to her and after that you can take that notice to get help from the Court to take her out.
Do not try kicking her out otherwise. In fact why dont you try getting an attorney to assist, even legal aid if you are on a low budget. Court can be tedious and technical and time consuming.

Legal Wiz


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