Of Love and Memories

Do you remember that time when I was six?
And you were eight,
I was precocious,
and always in a tireless state,

When you wanted to go the river,
I wanted to tag along,
You would quickly say no, and turn up your nose,
While I’d still creep behind, listening to you whistle your song,

I laid ambushes for you,
Because I felt you were mean,
I wanted to know who your latest “girlfriend” was
when i asked, you hissed your teeth, and said “go back een”

Funny thing about those ambushes though,
You walked over them safe and sound,
It was I who tripped in, and over them,
And fell on the ground,

I remember when I was about to get beaten
And you padded my bottom with cardboard,
Mommy wondered why I didn’t cry,
And the sound of the switch was echoed,

When she found out,
we both got licked that day,
Couldn’t sit down properly,
And we sniffled and began to say,

“Mommy mean, look how she beat me,
an is you did rude”
” But a you put cardboard pon me, and mek me get extra too”,
“Me nah help you again, even if you bawl”
“well, if me bawl, me nah go mek yu sleep none at all”

Do you remember those days?,
I do,
It’s those memories that have carried me through,
When I sit and think back of how we treated each other,
I would want no other by my side in life, than you my brother.

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