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‘Oh gosh! The fete nice!’ – Miami Carnival 2019

Oh gosh The fete nice -Miami Carnival 2019

Each year during Columbus Day weekend in the United States and Thanksgiving weekend in Canada all roads lead to South Florida for the last carnival of the year, Miami Carnival. Revelers, masqueraders and curious folks made their way to South Miami for the annual event.

This year due to obligations at my day job, I wasn’t able to take off the day after the carnival. I said to my adult self, you can go early, enjoy yourself and head home before it gets too late. I arrived at carnival and as my Trini friends would say, ‘oh gosh! The fete nice!’ Between the dancing, singing, jumping, chatting and all kinds of parties, I saw my pre-determined exit time come and pass.

Twenty bands paraded and performed for the judges. Although I didn’t have a vote, my favorite was Europa Mas with their On Broadway theme. Their masqueraders had stunning costumes and were full of energy. Each section jumped and partied hard for the judges. I loved seeing the diversity of nations and a wide range of age groups reveling together in the true spirit of carnival.

When I wasn’t dancing, there was plenty of food to delight my taste buds. With a full belly, I shopped in the arts and crafts village and took time to enjoy a few of the performers on the concert stage. And for those that need their reggae, even during Carnival, there was a dancehall zone.

Finally, though, I had to tear myself away from the fun and all-around good vibes of carnival. I stayed a couple of hours longer than I planned, but it was all in the name of fun. Hopefully, in 2020, I will not have to go to work the day after Miami Carnival and can stay until the last band crosses the stage.

Photo Source: Nick Ford

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