Oracle of the Sun Gods: Book Review

About this Book
Oracle of the Sun Gods is a story that follows several young African-American college students as they embark on their summer school exchange program to Sudan. They are forced to take a look at life, love, the unquenchable thirst of youthful ambitions, and examine how the most simple and innocuous decisions can change one’s life forever.  The trip to the Motherland was to educate them on the subject of Natural History and to gain an invaluable experience working on a very significant archeological site.  But while there, each young woman realizes her dreams, explores her passions, tastes the sweet grapes of glory and discovers hidden talents when faced with adversity.   For Raine Marsh in particular, she discovers the awful reality of how the unexpected twist of fate can deposit her in a predicament which she, in her wildest dream, would ever have imagined.  Raine’s path is crossed by a mysterious and sinister Sheik, whose intentions are to bend Raine to his will and to deceive his nephew out of his inheritance.  Raine finds herself as a temporary guardian to the sheik’s nine-year-old nephew, and soon discovers that her involvement with the boy will thrust her in the midst of a war between two relentless, rivaling tribes.     
About the Author

M. Chelley Laurenz, a naturalized American, was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica. She currently lives and works in New York City. Oracle of the Sun Gods is her debut novel, an attempt at advancing Black ethnic fiction genre by introducing an exciting combination of adventure, romance and subtle mystery to her stories. She enjoys spending time with her family and divides her leisurely time between reading, writing and traveling. She can be emailed at [email protected]
Review Quotes

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Oracle of the Sun Gods, the character development is strong. The author showed effectively how Raine, the main character, develops, from not even wanting to step foot on African soil to becoming an African queen who was very effective at taking charge of her own (and Ahmed’s) survival.  The writer puts me right there, in all these amazing exotic places– and the pace is good and fast; in scenes like the desert shoot-out, or when Raine steals Jeruh’s Jeep, or in the prison when Zin shoots Ari, I was pretty much on the edge of my seat!!!!! E.M.
Enjoyed this novel so much — The writer is very good at depicting characters the reader can relate to (Raine) and fall in love with (Ari — I think he’s competing with Jude for my affections. (Jude is another character from M. Chelley’s other novel, The Other Side of Paradise.) Ahmed was also one of my favorite characters — a quiet, shy, tough little boy who can be comical at times. (Canada) 

I absolutely loved this story.  It brings a unique edge to the age old romance stories– Africa, a place that is not necessarily known for love stories.  In this place, Raine, an intolerant BAP finds her prince, Sheik Ari. And in the midst of all this chaos of war and volatility, protecting a child becomes a priority for Raine and the group of Raine’s friends find redemption despite their ulterior motives and their superficial outlooks. Kay Thompson (NY)

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