What is our purpose?

I have been guilty many times struggling with thoughts of the real reason of my presence here on earth. Lately, I have been going through some self-analysis, rude-awakening of my purpose facing head-on the mountains that appears difficult to overcome. I am sure everyone questions the self, ‘why are we here on earth? “What is our purpose in life? We study hard, hoping to find a career that allows us to have financial stability and the luxury that goes along. Some of us do become successful. Yet in our success there are unsettled and unsatisfied feelings when we gain the success, obtain that degree and the level of our dream career. We wonder ‘why this feeling of lack still lingers and what’s missing from our lives?” So we continue to seek, thinking obtaining certain status hoping this would fill the hollowness within. We had no idea the more we got is the more we feel ‘something still was missing, absence from our lives. We realize material things did not bring about completion, nor fill up that void within but added more gloom to our lives. Truthfully we become a slave to our ‘wants and desires’ of things. As we climb the ladder of financial stability, we become distracted from the realness of our purpose. Unaware we begin to view others, who ‘don’t know’ how to rise above poverty, less than us. Forgetting that we too at one point in our lives had not much, probably nothing at all and that it was our parents sweat put us in the position where we are now. It was our parents who did not have much to give, practically work like a slave to give us food, shelter and a decent education to allow us to be at the level where we are now. Even though we stated we have a biblical faith and we worship the Creator, we fail to share, give back, assist and have compassion on others. We become self-absorb failing to help others that are in a distressing situation. And when our community begins to degenerate we place the blame on the ‘so-called selective of rebelliousness people ignoring our failure as a people who are equip with the ‘haves.’ We shun poverty, hardship and a plea for help. We are guilty of turning our backs of the many- our own, failing to take heed to the cries. We are guilty because of our own insecurities; yes our own fears, and our own pain. We ignore the signs of being compassionate, dutiful, diligent, and devotional to each other. And so we create the mirror of ourselves we did not want to see, an angry nation. As the saying goes, “a hungry man is an angry man.

So what do we do, when our people are consumed with hurt, anger and pain? What do we do when the voice of constant cries for help seems to want to devour, destroy a community that is already shaky? What do we do when fingers point to our direction of not being understanding, generous and loving to someone whose pride was set aside to ask for assistance only to be reminded of their lack and was shunned? Should we turn our back letting things crumble even more, due to our failure as a people? Or do we, as a people assembling the self by coming as a collective with like-minded people who are growing, have grown, using our given spiritual gifts to educate, motivate and feed a hungry body, mind and spirit? My readers, you make the decision. However, I have begun to face truth of the self, learning to keep still and giving honor to God. I have begun to re-connect to the spiritual self for guidance. Slowly but surely my purpose is surfacing, giving light to a soul that felt misunderstood, cheated and unrest.

All of us have a purpose and for us to really find our true purpose in life, we first have to seek the light within, find peace, and become still within a mind that constantly thinks of the ‘not haves’ and the self. Even when discipline of the mind, body and soul is challenging we must re-program our thoughts from the distraction of greed. We must realize that until we face truth of ourselves we cannot be of good services to each other. By facing truth of our inner self, anger will subside and peace will reign. Then and only then we will be a better citizen, friend, neighbor and family to each other. Then our purpose will speak life to the many we fear, look down upon and our community will reclaim the respect we so desire. By sharing our vision to better ourselves to have the ‘haves, brings elevation. There our community will become rich not only financially but spiritually to carry on its works for a new generation to come. And we will no longer destroy one another because of self-greed and lack.