Our Picks of Jamaican Top 10 Cricketers

Cricket once was a premier sport in Jamaica. The sport was brought to Jamaica by the British. It caught on with Jamaicans and became very popular. Jamaica has won several regional championships dating back to the 1960’s. Jamaica has produced many world-class players. Here is our list of top 10 Jamaican cricketers. Be sure to add your favorites to this list. During the year leading up to Jamaica’s 50th Independence on August 6, 2012, each week we’ll be compiling a list of things celebrating Jamaican foods, music, culture, people and more.

Here are our 10 picks of Jamaican Top 10 Cricketers:

  1. George Alphonso Headley (30 May 1909 )
  2. Courtney Andrew Walsh (born October 30)
  3. Lawrence George Rowe (born January 8, 1949 )
  4. Michael Anthony Holding (born 16 February 1954)
  5. Peter Jeffrey (“Jeff”) Leroy Dujon (born 28 May 1956)
  6. Alfred Valentine (born April 28, 1930)
  7. Chris Gayle (born 21 September 1979)
  8. Frank Worrell (born 1 August 1924)
  9. Gerry Alexander  (born 2 November 1928)
  10. Jimmy Adams (born 9 January 1968)

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