A Passion for Peace

In the time before we thought
about each other-there was chaos,
mis-aligned thinking-day tripping, people lined up
to assassinate characters and dreams.
This was before we knew- of ourselves, each other,
when schemes unfolded to penetrate, to perpituate misconceptions
of the thinking man, black, white, indian, latino, that type of plan.
Before there was us, there was me-and sometimes you-running
towards, going away at the speed of light, raging, raging
at all around, us, me, you
feeling left out, crowded in, pushed away and not caring.
Then there were times,
when my thoughts, your ideas shaped beautiful dreams,
created reality, touched hearts, soothed souls that we snared
with jealousy, hate, anger, greed and inhumanity-time, time
and time again,
we look at each other for answers,
who to blame, its a shame.
Its time for me, us and them and change-relfect on our future,
life and hopes depend on how, now, we, you, and me feel
as we reach out to them, us, me – a passion for peace

About the author

Calvin CKerr