Do all your Jamaican friends laugh at you every time you open your mouth and try to speak Jamaican? Jamaicanize your vocabulary here with our words that start with D. If you don’t see a term, tell us and we’ll put it up.

dally: bobing and weaving from side to side on a bike or bicycle
darkers: sunglasses
dat: that
dat deh: that thing/person
dawg: dog
dawta: daughter, used by many men to refer to a woman
de: the
ded lef: an inheritance
dege dege : absolutely (used to emphasize)
deh: there, also use to describe a couple (mi an ar deh)
deh deh: over there, there
deh ere: is there
dehso: there, at that spot. Used to refer to a specific spot
delawrance man: a man who practices witchcraft
deya: here (me dehya = I’m around)
dem: them
dem deh: those
dibby dibby: bad quality
dis: this
diss: disrespect
dogheart : coldhearted, no feelings
don: used like the Italian term for male mafia bosses, gangsta,man that runs things,well respected person
dondadda: the same as “don”. It is derived “don” for mafia bosses. It means “don daddy” the father of all “dons”
dondonnet: the female name for a “dondadda” or “don”
dont: is it not?
dressback : reverse
ducunu: a sweet Jamaican cornmeal sweet dumpling
dugoo dugoo: having sex
dun: done, finish
dundus: albino
dung: down
duppy: ghost, evil spirt
dutchy: cast-iron pot with a round bottom
dutty: dirty
dweet: do it
DWL: Jamaicans.com term to Internet Dead Wid Laff. Dead With Laughter
Duppy Conqueror: Ghost Conqueror. Used as a word to descibe an overcomer.