Speak JA


Do all your Jamaican friends laugh at you every time you open your mouth and try to speak Jamaican? Jamaicanize your vocabulary here with our words that start with J
If you don’t see a term, tell us and we’ll put it up

Jacket: The term used to describe a man told he is the father of a child by the mother when he’s actually not.
Jah: One of the names used to refer to God – See Psalm Chapter 68 verse 4 (KJV)
jammin: dancing, having a good time
jamdung: Jamaica
jancro: vulture that is a scavenger, John Crow
jelly: a young water coconut with soft coconut meat
jeezan or jeezan peas: a term used to express surprise or amazement
jook: to prod, pierce, stick, to poke, to stab
jubee: The term used to describe a nice girl. It may also be used affectionately to describe a girlfriend/wife. Example: “She is a nice likkle jubee”

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