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Can I pay taxes for my Jamaica property from America?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I’d love to pay my property taxes from the New York, America (USA). Can one can apply to get the amount of property tax figures he/she owes from any website online. Do you know if it possible also to pay up taxes for property online.

Andrea McFarlane


RESPONSE: Dear Andrea

Please visit the Electronic Services for accessing E-payment portal at Before you can do anything, you must first set up an account. You can do this by clicking on “Establish a New Account” to set up a Username and Password for “Login”. The Valuation Number of the Property is required to facilitate payments to the account (you may leave the section for Taxpayer Registration Number (i.e. TRN) blank if you do not have a number).

Either of the following Credit Cards is required to make payments online:
i. MasterCard,
ii. Visa Card
iii. NCB Keycard.

All online payments are converted at the prevailing rate of the day by the credit card provider. You may visit the Bank of Jamaica Website at for daily exchange rates.

To get further assistance such as acquiring the valuation number and the amounts of taxes outstanding on the property you will be required to provide the following:
1. The address where the property is located
2. The name of the registered owner(s) of the property
3. Volume and Folio
4. The Valuation Number of the property

There is a Customer Care Centre at 1-888-Taxhelp (829-4357) and 1-888-Go-Ja-Tax(46-52-829), for further assistance from the USA, between 8:30-5:00pm (Monday- Thursdays) and 8:30am-4:00pm(Fridays).

Legal Wiz

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