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Photo Highlights – Anthony B celebrates Black History Month At B.B. King Blues Club New York

Anthony B celebrates Black History Month At BB King Blues Club New York

In honor of Robert Nesta Marley’s earthstrong and Black History Month celebration held at B.B. King Blues Club, where there was definitely a natural mystic flowing through the air. Opening acts such as Cutty Corn, and Little Twitch, wowed the audience with their energetic performance, but the crowd waited patiently to hear the cultural rhythms of Mr. Keith Blair, famously known as Anthony B. When he graced the stage, he paid homage to Bob Marley by performing “Redemption Song”, which was just a warm up to the two hour performance that he had in store for the loyal fans.

Anthony B went through a slew of hits, bringing back memories with songs such as: “Raid the Barn”, and “Wah back mi water pumpee”. As he blazed the stage, like a roaring lion pouncing with tremendous force, his energy was elevated as he infused social injustice, roots and culture, and of course romance into his lyrical content. The man burned down babylon, and at the same time uplifted Jah by reminding the massive that they are all “Freedom Fighters”, but through it all wi haffi “Put God above everything”. Anthony B showed the crowd that he was really in a dancing mood, when he pranced around onstage with some electrifying foot movements, then with his melodious voice he skillfully charmed the ladies with words that melted their every being. The ladies hung on to his every word, as he let them know that they were his yes, his no, his high, his low, his fast, and his slow. The love was overflowing even more, when he quenched their thirst by giving a soulful rendition of “Night Nurse”. The cool and suave lyricist captured the audience with his remarkable words that seeped into the souls of all who came to juggle and just have a cool and deadly time.

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