15 Photos That Are Way Too Real For People Who Grew Up In Jamaica

Playing in the Rain by ddreadkidd

If you grew up in Jamaica these 15 photos will bring back some great memories. From children at play to being punished at school. Take a look back at how we grew up in Jamaica.

You made your “owna” toys

Everything can be made into something by v2volunteers

Photo by v2volunteers

You loved posing for a “Pickcha” with your friends

Friends for Life by Jamlizard

Photo by Jamlizard

You gathered for daily assembly before school started in Jamaica

Gathering for Assembly by chefkareemanguin

Photo by chefkareemanguin

Guard your “First Aid in English” and “Junior English Revised” books from “tief”

Getting Caught by Chris Willan

Photo by Chris Willan

You played Chinese Skip on your lunch break

Immaculate Girls Playing Chinese Skip

Photo Facebook

Wood skates were the rage

Jamaica Wood Skates by jungle jones

Photo by jungle jones

You smiled and said Good Morning to your neighbours

Looking out the window smiling by dream_jamaica

Photo by dream jamaica

You appreciated any toy from “Farrin”

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