Places you must visit in Jamaica

A trip to Jamaica should be on everyone’s wish list, not because it’s my birthplace, but because I truly believe that Jamaica has earned its place, as one of the most sophisticated and exotic islands in the Caribbean. The beaches in Jamaica are considered among the World’s most pure and beautiful. No matter which beach you may choose to visit, you are sure to have a positive experience. The crystal blue waters and white sand make a visit to the beach a delightful experience.

Jamaica has 14 parishes, each having its own flavor. The most picturesque being Portland, St. Ann’s, Manchester and Westmoreland. While traveling on the roads to many of these places, one can experience casual culinary fun while indulging in a small snack of roast corn, or roast fish from the vendors on the roadside.

Boston, which is located in Portland, is well known for its Jamaican Jerk Pork. Jamaica is also renowned for its culinary arts and recipes such as curried goat, stew peas and rice, and the national dish, ackee and saltfish. On one of your daily excursions, you may ask your guide to take you to a mango grove or fruit stand. There you can experience the several types of mangos and fruits Jamaica has to offer. Some of the mangos are, Julie, East Indian, Bombay and Hairy mangos. Other fruits such as naseberries, june plums and etioti apples are refreshing on a warm day.

The North Coast of Jamaica is one of the meccas for shopping, sightseeing and lodging. Some of the country’s finest and most established hotels are located there. A visit to the North Coast is imperative if you enjoy fine dining, and have an appreciation for a more cosmopolitan environment. Dunn’s River Falls, which is located in Ocho Rios, is a great time for all. Climbing the falls is not an easy feat, and gives the climber a sense of accomplishment. If you possess an appetite for the ghoulish and elusive then a trip to Rose Hall is a must! It is the former home of Annie Palmer. The mansion sits on several acres of lush Jamaican greenery. It now serves as a tourist attraction, as well as a place to host special occasions. Legend has it, that Ms. Palmer came to Jamaica to seek her fortune, and eventually married a wealthy man. It is rumoured that her husband passed away mysteriously, and that her helpers disappeared as well.

After visiting Rose hall if you are left exasperated and frazzled, then stop by the local pub for some dominoes, aerated water or a drink of Jamaican White Rum. An elixir to cure any jitters.

Also recommended for unwinding from all of your sightseeing adventures, and to soothe any ailments is a trip to Milk River Bath in St. Elizabeth. It is the perfect panacea. Jamaica had natural therapeutic spas before they became trendy, in other parts of the World.

If your desire is for much cooler temperatures, then a journey to Blue Mountain Peak is the ultimate respite. Home of the famous Blue Mountain Coffee, sold worldwide in gourmet shops and restaurants.

After a cup of this Jamaican java you are ready for your night out! Nightlife in Jamaica is always a pleasant and enchanting experience because Jamaica has a dazzling array of reggae artists and calypso kings. The esmerizing grooves of reggae and calypso music along with the sumptuous food that is served at these soirées, makes for an enjoyable evening. No trip to Jamaica is complete without rafting on the Rio Grande, watching the sunset at Rick’s Cafe or perusing the Montego Bay Yacht Club. By the way, before jetting off to Jamaica, practice your patois (Jamaican Slang). It will help you to negotiate some fantastic bargains in the local market place.

Mi gawn an a hope yu like yu trip a Jamaica.