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Please help my mom in Jamaica get peace of mind in her home

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I need someone to go by my mom’s house just to check if all is well. She is sick, and living with my brother who harasses all the helpers we get. Eventually all the helpers leave, and my mom says for her peace of mind my brother should leave but he refuses and is boisterous. My mom is getting old, and needs an helper. How can I prevent my brother from interfering? I need the help of your team please. There is very little I can do from here, but I suspect my brother out there wants to take over the house when she dies. I need to know if you can visit and tell me what’s happening?
Sean Mathis
RESPONSE: Dear Sean,
Your mom should consider appointing someone to legally be in charge of the house, so that person can assist her especially if she has to go to court. For example she could empower one of her children with power of attorney to handle her affairs.
She should consider securing an attorney to assist with any legal matter in court, if it ends up there.
There are members of the team who can visit the house and escorted by personnel in authority speak with your mother as a matter of urgency.
Regarding the helper, more information is needed on the type of person you need, and the specific tasks involved so that an appropriate person can be sourced on your behalf.
Please contact us further as needed.
Legal Wiz

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