Poem: Delightful Dancing Dr Bird

Top hat, tailcoat gleaming black
Beautiful green and iridescent smock
How industrious you seem as you deftly attend
Your birds bill lancing deep,
Extracting nectar, depositing seed

… As you go winging past, I move fast
To see your beauty I try to dart – like you
But I fail miserably.
Dancing on air, as you go
A skip, a flip – a prizewinning show!
You stop, you go, always fast, never slow,
A complex work of a Master Craftsman on show.
Your movements deft, my garden a stage
lancing your targets, you always amaze

With tireless wings ever whirring as blades
Fast beating and strong
Toting your body effortlessly along
From flower to flower you dart with power
Such assurance you give
A doctor at work, healing you bring…to me.
Through the eyes of your beholder…..you dance on wings, merrily along.

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