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Sticks and stones wi brok yuh bones but bad word wi get yuh shot.

-A look at another police shooting and the job that the Jamaican Police are doing in their attempt to ‘Protect and Serve’-

Jamaicans in a rural community close to the capital Kingston have been protesting on the streets after two members of their commuinty were shot and killed by the police. Shortly after nine o’clock Tuesday evening a police team was conducting an operation in Glencoffe St. Andrew when a Rastafarian man uttered what police say was a derogatory remark while riding by on his bicycle.

Dis is why so much tief dey in Jamaica. Because de police busy a run down people who cuss bad word while de tief dem a roam free. It is sad dat a police force who carry deadly weapons such as guns cyan easily be distracted by some likkle bicycle riding Rasta who was probably selling brooms and mats pan de street.

The man was challenged by a member of the police team. An argument apparently developed after the officer realised that the man was smoking a “joint”, and during the exchange, the 36 year old man was shot and killed.

So wa’appen to de Operation?? Yuh mean de police leave de hard core criminals inside de house fi come out and pick fight wid a Natty who is ‘living off de land’. Mi glad fi know dat de priorities of our police is fi deal wid citizens who revel in ‘natural forms of stress relief’ while going home afta work dan to pursue de murderas and tiefs dat are plaguing our society. De odda ting mi curious bout is how com de offica manage to shoot de Ras while in de miggle of de argument. Was he using sign language to communicate to de Dread mek im accidentally press de trigga and kill im?

Witnesses say an elderly man, a 71 year old who saw the altercation was shot when he raised concerns about the shooting.

Why don’t we jus start shooting anybady dat set dem eye pan de police? Yuh mean fi tell mi dat we cyannot even hold our Police accountable fi dem owna mistake. Dey are beginning to act like de Government now.

The incident sparked a massive demonstration as residents took to the streets in protest, and police officers who were in the area had to make a hasty retreat after the angry residents set fire to a police car.

I am surprised dat de police didn’t start opening fire at de crowd. What cyan we as Jamaicans do if de very people who are suppose to protect wi are killing us off. We have to look out fi de gunman and now de police too.

Two officers who were involved in the shooting have been removed from frontline duties.

Dey should tek de two of dem and ave dem clean toilets at de Kingston City Orfantage for de rest of dere lives because dey are on a personal crusade to ensure dat de children of Jamaica have no fathers and grandfathers in de years fi come.

Police Superintendent Harry Daley says residents and eyewitnesses are being encouraged to provide

“I think good sense will prevail. The rule of law will take its course” Superintendent Daley assured residents.

Supa Daley, tell how de eyewitness suppose to cum forward and give a statement when offica shoot im. Cyan duppy walk into de station and talk to de police.

No disrespect Supa Daley but yuh a talk as if wi a deal wid a common cold. ‘Jus tek some panadol, get some sleep, drink lots of watta and allow the law to take its course.’

Where is de sense of urgency fi justice? Wi want fi know why de police feel dem haffi win an argument wid gun-talk? Are dey dat scared of Rastas who shout at dem while riding a bicycle? If dat is de case maybe you should ave dem consider working at a ‘all you cyan eat Pork buffett’ instead, to ensure dat dere are no Dreads luking around wheelying on bicycles swearing at dem.

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Ray Damdar is a Jamaican living abroad in Hartford, CT amongst the third largest Jamaican population in Merica. He is constantly amused by his culture having no odda choice but to comment.

Favorite Caribbean proverb “ If yuh fling stone inna hog pen de one who squel is im it lick”

Article Excerpts in non-bold taken from BBC ‘Ganja death sparks protests‘ written January 17th, 2007.

-Photos & Commentry in bold courtesy of Ray Damdar & Guinep Tree Productions-

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Ray Damdar