Woman Inna Power

In recognition of the historical event that took place on February 25, 2006 when Mrs. Portia Simpson Miller was elected leader of the People’s National Party

Come one, come all!
Unnu neva hear di news?
Jamaica tun revolutionary
An ooman tap sing di blues!

Yes massa, yes missis
We mek history inna 2006,
We beat even di Americans
Fi put a ooman inna office

What a prehkeh!
What a serious hattaclapse!
Jamaicans live fi see di day
When di Backra rules collapse

What a day, what a day!
When ooman ah mek decision;
What a way di law aggo straight
And di rules aggo have precision!

Ooman noh deh ah di back no more
Wi deh run tings inna Gordon House!
Yuh mean fi tell mi seh when Portia tan up
Di man dem haffi quiet lakka ch’uch mouse?

All when Jamaica name call out
Ah di big time UN meeting,
Yuh mean is a ooman aggo tan up
An’ bring Jamaican greetin’!

Noh matta how wi criticize
Har qualification or har sense,
Di point is dat Jamaican people
Staat gi ooman recompense.

Fi all di years wi stood behind
Di man dem weh run di lan’
Jamaicans finally tek di chance
An’ put powa inna wi han’!

Ah hope Ms. Portia undastan
Di seriousness of di time,
Jamaican people fed up
Af all di guns and crime.

Ah hope shi ah come wid nuff ideas
Fi help ease di suffarin’
Ah hope she help di pickeney dem
An’ noh badda wid di corruption ting

Jamaica on di up and up,
Wi deh do progressive tings!
Ten year from now mi hope fi hear
Jamaica gone up inna di ratings.

U.S. of A! Unnu neva hear?
Jamaica haffi chat it loud!
Jamaica gi powa to a ooman
Unnu hurry up and jine di crowd!

About the author

Kerri-Ann M. Smith

Dr. Kerri-Ann M. Smith is an author and educator. She is an Associate Professor of English at Queensborough Community College, CUNY. She is a patois translator, a wife, and the mother of two beautiful little girls. She is a senior writer for jamaicans.com.