Poverty Of Mind & Spirit

Poverty = rejection; it results in social deprivation.

It causes anger and frustration thru lack of education

It provokes victims to turn on others and then on themselves,

Because their existence is a living hell.


They’ve created a cauldron

And thrown in the ‘immigrants’,

Conflict and clashes

Between different ingredients,

So they allow it to stew

As a means to an end,

So that the final product

Is moulded within.


Fingers are pointing in all directions,

Playing the fool’s game;

Misinterpreting all the signals

And finding someone else to blame.

Many feel trapped in a web of economic conspiracy,

While heads of government say: “What’s it got to do with me?”


They contrive a system

To send our people to prison,

They introduce subtle designs

Associated with crime,

They increase interest rates

Which cannot be met

And then have the gall

To say we cannot manage our debt!


They want us to feel useless,

But it is going to backfire

You cannot contain steam

When the temperature gets higher;

If the perpetrators don’t fix

What they’ve been doing real quick.

They ‘re going into dig such a large hole..

And fall right back in it!

(Inspired by the Finland Massacre the UK Manchester’s Economic Crisis)

Loy Nov 2007

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Myrna Loy