Prime Minister Appeals for a Loving and Peaceful Christmas

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says his vision for Christmas in Jamaica is one where persons exemplify the ethic of love for neighbor and peace and goodwill toward everyone that Jesus Christ displayed. “I have a vision of a Christmas with peaceful Jamaican communities, where people look out for one another’s interests and are actively engaged in spreading the Christmas spirit of peace,” he said.

The prime minister added that his vision is a Jamaica which prizes cooperation and collaboration over confrontation and conflict, and where concern for the poor and vulnerable is inculcated in each child and becomes infused in our culture. “Christmas reminds us of all this and gives us an opportunity, yet again, to recommit to the things of lasting value,” he said.

Prime Minister Holness further stated his vision for a Christmas where economic prosperity will be equitably shared, providing a solid foundation for children and inspiring hope in youth that they can achieve all their dreams “right here on this rock of ours.”

He also appealed for persons to remember the sick, lonely and depressed. “At this time, let us especially remember those in the hospital and those sick at home. Let us remember those who have lost loved ones during the year as well as those who are lonely and depressed. Let us reach out and touch somebody. Make someone’s Christmas memorable this year,” urged the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Holness made special mention of senior citizens and those in the special services and security forces stating, “I salute all those who sacrifice being with their own families to care for and protect others, especially those in the essential services. We hail our senior citizens, who have given so much to us. We thank you for your devoted service and for all you have invested in our lives.”