Procedures To Apply For A Marriage Licence


Two (2) forms will be issued to the applicant and these are:

(i)                 A blank Licence
(ii)               A blank Form of Declaration

1.                  The blank Minister’s Licence (Schedule G) is to be stamped at the
Stamp Office, situated at 111 Harbour Street, Downtown Kingston for a fee of Four Thousand Dollars (J$4,000.00)

Please note that nothing must be written on this document.

2.         The Declaration Form must be completed and signed by a declarant (a third individual) in the presence of a Justice of the Peace. This declarant can either be a friend, family member or the Marriage Officer.

                        Please ensure that all relevant sections are properly completed i.e.

(i)                 Names in full means “first, middle, and last name.”
(ii)               Condition means “bachelor or spinster/divorced/widow/widower.”
(iii)             Calling means “occupation.”
(iv)             Dwelling places and parishes mean “local address and parish of both parties.” If either of the parties is residing abroad, twenty-four (24) hours residence in the Island is required and at which time a local address can be used.

3.         Documents required: (original or certified copies only) Certification by a Justice of the Peace (Local) or Notary Public or Court Staff (outside of Jamaica)

(i)                 Birth Certificate, Driver’s Licence or Passport (any one item)
(ii)               Divorce Absolute if applicable                        ) These must be in
(iii)             Death Certificate of spouse if applicable       ) English
(iv)             Persons aged sixteen (16) and seventeen (17) years need parental
consent which takes the form of a letter signed by the parent in the presence of Justice of the Peace/Notary Public.

                        N.B.     Any marriage solemnized between persons either of whom is
                                    under the age of sixteen (16) years shall be void.

                        Note also the Declarant should sign to the right of the bracket where the
                        Justice of the Peace signs.

4.                  Both forms along with the supporting documents must be returned
to this Ministry for approval prior to the date of the wedding          

The copy of the Marriage Register presented to you after your wedding is NOT a legal document and as such cannot be used to conduct business.   You must obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate at the Registrar General’s Department. 


Ministry of Justice

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