Proud to be Jamaican – A big up to all Jamaicans

If yuh neva proud fi bi Jamaican, a time yuh fi start
Wi profarmance inna di Olympics sure touch mi heart
What a likkle piece a country, always doing great
Bway di way wi a gwaan in Beijing, wi sure mek odders hate
Big up Asafa, Usain, Michael, Nesta, Maurice,
Veronica, Kerron, Sherone, Melanie, an di sister Shelly Ann
Respect to all a dem, a suh wi stay, a suh wi tan
Wi always a gwaan wid tings dat mek other nations look a way
Don’t ramp wid our people, wi a God bless an prove dat every day
Di whole world will haffi get up, an give wi standing ovation
Wi motto seh “Out of many” caas wi is a special nation
When wi reddy fi duh good, bway wi really great
Just be proud to be Jamaican an learn fi appreciate

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