Proud Jamaican

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica
My homeland, land of my roots
Got dat yaady style about mi
And dat patois accent to boot

Mi used to love to sit unda di mango tree
Waiting fi a mango fi drop
Or getting a short hook stick
To pick some sour sop

Shaking dung di plum tree
Or making some tambrin ball
And mi used to brok mi neck to the front gate
When mi here ackee mon a call

And yuh shudda see mi when mi deh a school
Stucha dan mi yuh couldn’t find
And mi neva used to get inah trubble
Fa di teacha wid a whip mi behind

Nothing more sweet mi dan swimps mon
At school pun im likkle bike
Or julie plum seasoned wid salt
Laad was what I really liked

Mi used to love fi catch peenie wallie
Even though dem say dem turn duppy late at night
Or watching the winey butterfly catch pun di veranda light

And don’t forget "Big Bwoy" and "Bredda Annansi" stories
Or sing-a-long wid Miss Lou
When yuh here seh Jamaica nice
Heh, It really nice fi true

And yuh shudda si mi when mi get mi hair pressed
Whoy, A mi dem couldn’t stan
A mi sista dem used to seh
Coodeh, a tourist dat pun dry lan
But dat neva badda mi at all
For I am who I am
Miss Paula Tracey-Ann Williamson
Proud Jamaican

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