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Jamaica Travel Advice Q & A: Should I purchase Jamaican dollars before I travel there?

We asked our facebook fans to help answer a question submitted to us by email: Should I purchase Jamaican dollars before I travel there?

L. Maher – No. cheaper to get them in ja…but not at the airport. Atm or cambio are good. Bank too but usually has long lines.

C. Shaw – No -it costs more to buy foreign currency in your home country than it will in the destination. Always exchange currency when you GET to where you are going…..

L. Saul – We didn’t.Had no problem.

V. Yamaye – NO!

D. Starr – Fi wah?…

A. Clarke – Absolutely not!! Better to get them when you get there.

P. Morris – NO, NO NO!! Probably wont even need them!!!

V. Davidson – No you can purchase Jamaican dollars in Jamaica. Get a receipt for any foreign money you exchange. Do it someplace reputable and certified to exchange money. Only exchange as much as you know you will need. Many places accept US dollars in Jamaica.

N. Thompson – NO NEVER !!!

T. Rich – I thought Jamaica accepted American dollars now.

A. Daley – nooooooooooooooo

A.Crawl  – You probably won’t need it I was just in Ocho Rios and my American money was just fine.

E.QuiQui – What for???


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