Quotable Caribbean – August 22, 2011

“I will continue to promote Haiti, to get investors to come to invest in the country. As a humanitarian I want to see how we can continue to bring aid. Not aid in terms of charity, but aid that can help people aid themselves.” – Wyclef Jean, Haitian musician and humanitarian (Reuters)

“I have never taken part in a single riot. I’ve been on demonstrations that ended up in a conflict. Have some respect for an old West Indian negro and stop accusing me of being a rioter … because you wanted me to get abusive. You just sound idiotic – have some respect.” – Darcus Howe, West Indian writer and broadcaster (BBC News)

“We have seen that our CARICOM leaders adopt Open Sky policies for international air services, but enforce Closed Sky policies for intra-regional air services. Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados have each signed an Open Sky air service agreement with the United States. Yet these same fraternal members of CARICOM and willing signatories to the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, continue to persist in upholding Closed Sky ASAs (Air Services Agreements) among themselves.” –  Ian Bertrand, Aviation Consultant (Trinidad and Tobago’s Newsday)

“…the contradictions in the nature of the embrace by some eastern Caribbean governments professing to be both committed to LIAT’s survival and at the same time enthusiastically welcoming REDjet – and without any known critical assessment of its bona fides and performance credibility – could well result in unexpected and undesirable problems for dependable regional air transportation.” – Rickey Singh, Caribbean Journalist (Trinidad Express)

“Since the turn of the year, market conditions have become tougher with increased capacity, faltering consumer confidence and high fuel prices. We are also seeing softer trading in the areas that are hit hardest by the continued rises in Air Passenger Duty, particularly the Caribbean routes and premium economy cabins. Whilst business traffic remains strong, demand in the economy cabin is more challenged.” – Steve Ridgway, Chief Executive, Virgin Atlantic Airways (Reuters)

“The volumes have been so strong, and the demand so strong, that they’re moving from a 94-seat Embraer to a 737-300, which from Copa’s viewpoint is a very wise decision. That’s a part of the world, Brazil in particular, and Argentina, that is growing in the face of what is happening in Europe and the US.  Latin America has exceeded every expectation in terms of their numbers, and that’s reflected in their [Copa] upgrade of aircraft in less than three-and-a-half months, something they were expected to do at the end of the year.” – Senator the Hon. Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, Minister of Tourism and Aviation, Bahamas (Tribune Business)

“For some time now we have been pushing the government for us to be competitive with what is taking place in other islands. We are glad that government has seen the need to offer some form of incentives so we can attract the lines to make more calls into Antigua.” – Nathan Dundas, President, Antigua and Barbuda Cruise Tourism Association (Antigua Observer)

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