Quotable Caribbean – October 30, 2012
US Virgin Islands hotelier Richard Doumeng, President of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association. Photo Credit: Margot Jordan

“Nations around the world are focusing on travel and tourism. Why? Because it is a revenue producing department. Just look at Brand USA, which has been successful bringing 50 different states – including California and Florida who have their own large advertising budgets – together. It has also been successful in increasing awareness of the destination and bringing more visitors to the US. Nations here in the Caribbean need to take notice and join this worthwhile cause. Our very survival depends on it. Tourism feeds our economy – everyone benefits. It’s more than hotels, restaurants, tour guides and taxi drivers, but fishermen, bakers, artists and more.” – Richard Doumeng, President, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (Caribbean Journal)

“If all goes according to plan, Sandals (Resorts) will open its doors in Grenada on December 15. We have moved to attract Sandals here and have now concluded a deal with Sandals.” – Nazim Burke, Minister of Finance, Grenada (Grenada Barnacle)

”For more than two decades, I repeatedly voiced the mantra that – situated as we are virtually on the coastline of the world’s richest economy – Jamaica has no reason to be poor.” – Edward Seaga, former prime minister of Jamaica  (Associated Press)

“Jamaicans in the Diaspora do not need an excuse to visit and are always looking for a reason to come home, whether it’s to visit friends and family or for a reunion, wedding, honeymoon or church gathering. This presents a unique opportunity to grow your existing business, which of course, will benefit Jamaican tourism and by extension the economy of Jamaica.” – Portia Simpson Miller, Prime Minister, Jamaica

“John McCleverty was deeply committed to the success of the Virgin Islands and the prosperity of its people, and he was one of our territory’s best-ever tourism promoters and cultural ambassadors.” – John P. de Jongh, Jr., Governor, United States Virgin Islands

“If we do not invest as a people in children between the ages of zero to five, we will invest the money in hospitals, cemeteries and jails. There is a serious connection between all the social ills we are being bombarded with.” – Cuthbert Didier, Director, Foundation for the Development of Caribbean Children (Barbados Advocate)

“Too often man handles life as he does the bad weather. He whiles away the time as he waits for it to stop.” – Alfred Polgar, Austrian journalist

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