Online Discussion Guests – A Look from Behind the Scenes

Who knew?! From the time Miss Lou was introduced to us last spring by Marcia, the online guest scenario was a hit! When Xavier first posted last year looking for members to help search out potential guests to visit us online to discuss any variety of topics – who knew it would be as exciting as it has become? Out of the thousands of potential members who could just as easily have raised their hand, one little voice whispered privately to Xavier “I wouldn’t mind helping a little behind the scenes”.

Shortly after that, my web surfing increased, topics and people were viewed and reviewed. Members and moderators started sharing ideas and suggestions, and the first of many interviews and guest discussions to follow that memorable day, were launched.

It’s not always easy to confirm bookings for guests to join us for discussions, and sometimes as in the case of ever-changing schedules, our guests’ professional and volunteer commitments take priority. However, we do make every attempt to encourage re-bookings where possible. Equally, we do appreciate the time members take to meet and greet these special contributors to the site. Therein lies the success of not only the topics, the guests, but the whole concept of positive programming.

How do we approach potential visitors and guests? It’s simple. The focus is to highlight either noted Jamaicans at home or abroad, established Jamaican Nationals in their new lands of residence, and positive community programs which touch our communities regardless of geographical location. The responses that we receive are incredible and it pushes us forward!

We’ve pointed out in the past that assistance is needed to approach potential guests, and to research individuals, groups, current events etc., re-confirm guests, as well as encourage members to participate in the latest discussion. You may know someone ‘out there’ who has a story to share, or has made a contribution that deserves a little notice, or perhaps you have a little extra time to research the possibilities.

Perhaps yours will be the next little hand to be raised.