A popular U.S. based Jamaican personailty, Mrs. Lucille Ranger-Brown O.D. is responsible for bringing a "taste of Jamaican Culture" to many people through the North American continent and keeeping the Jamaican culture a live especially in the South Florida area. Know to many as "The one woman Jamaican promotion center" she has taken lively entertaining aspects of the Jamaican culture in her comedic dance and songs from Jamaica to Belize, Nassau, Canada, and Miami. A versatile professional, Hon Lucille Ranger-Brown has worked as a dancer, dancing instructor and radio show host and is best known for her poetry. Among the many awards she has received is the Proclamation by Miami’s Metro Dade county which declared Sunday November 23, 1980 as Lucille-Ranger Brown’s Day. She was awarded and conferred the Isignia of National Honors; Officer of the Order of Distinction (O.D.) in a very impressive ceremony held at Kings House, Kingston , Jamaica October 15, 1984. This award was in recognition of Mrs. Brown’s contributions to the promotions of Jamaican culture in Miami, Florida.

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