Rasta Chrismus

T’was the night before Rasta Chrismus
When all through the camp
Iyabingi was chanting
By the light of kerosene lamps

Natty Congo gave praises
To his God on mount Zion high
And with a terrible shout he hailed him
Jah Rasta-fari

Kette drums sounded
The beat of the African soul
As jubilation spread throughout
Jah was in control

The intoxicating Ishense
Permeating everything
Where spliffs and chalice blazed
In reverence to the king

The sacred herb was everywhere
And on the suie board
Was half an ounce of Lambs Bread
Another chalice load

Over by the kitchen
Sisters stirred and turned
Cauldrons filled with Ital stew
As logwood fires burned

The Binghi was in full swing
The festive spirit alive
When suddenly a silence fell
Selassie had arrived

An eerie calm took over
Then dreaddie gave a cry
“The Lion of Judah hath prevailed
Love Selassie I”

The elders all came forward
Then Almighty Dread spoke
Lightening flashed and thunder rolled
And then I man awoke

My foggy head began to clear
I searched inside for a meaning
Was Jah Jah sending I a vision
Or was I just a dreaming

I must admit that I enjoyed
My Rasta Chrismus trance
Even though I may never know
Its true significance

Because you see my brethren
Though a Christian by faith
Don’t mean that Rasta isn’t something
I can appreciate

David Ramgeet