Photo Highlights of Rebel Salute 2016


The 23rd staging of the eagerly anticipated Rebel Salute was held January 15-16th at the Plantation Cove, Richmond Estate, and Priory St. Ann.  As the event continues to grow in popularity, so too does the attendance levels.  This year a record number of patrons turned out for the two day event.

Several acts ignited the crowd among them were Luciano, Richie Spice, Bugle, David Brooks, Eric Donaldson, The Abyssinians, UK DJ Macka B  and  The Congos to name just a few.  However, at the end of the two-day it was the performance of singers Beres Hammond, Half Pint and Sanchez that would linger in the memories of the patrons who experienced their superb performances.

The caliber of performer and the weight of his catalogue were indicated by the fact that Beres Hammond was the only act billed to perform for more than sixty minutes. He did not disappoint his loyal fans as his performance lasted for more than an hour and half.

The ‘Herb Curb’ was a big hit, as the marijuana exemption granted by the government to the organizers allowed for this to be accommodated in an area nestled close to the beach. This aspect of Rebel Salute will no doubt become an integral part and major attraction to the Rebel Salute vibes.

With some tweaking of the lineup by reducing the number of acts and giving the major headliners more time to perform the event will continue to rival other reggae festivals around the world.  The natural fruits and juices available throughout the course of the festival was one area that other international acts could not hope to compete. Rebel Salute 2017 is already anticipated.