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The origin of those who perceive themselves to be Rebels:

Notorious Relative
Many feel that having a notorious relative automatically makes them a rebel. I emphasize “AUTOMATIC” because these relatives usually own one. The relative could be a “Gunman”, “Rootsman”, “Juggle-ist”, “Pharmacist” “Druggist”or a Jamaican politician’s ‘Whip- ping Boy”. (These relations could evolve from a third cousin of one’s father’s second cousin on his mother’s aunt’s side of the family).

Ex-ex-ex- Risto
A Risto who has lost all his/her status and money. Imagine being exiled from the people you thought were your friends. Some “Ristos” become “Rebels” to rebel against their parents and society. In this case it is just a phase.

Nick Names
– “Faada” “Donnette” “No. 1 Sketel” “Bigga”, “Junior” . “Don Gorgan”, “Rude Bwoy/Girl”, “Don One”, “Don Two”…etc.

The Rebel has the strongest Jamaican Accent you will every find anywhere in the country. They are the ones that define, coin, and direct the Jamaican language. They come up with the new words then everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. Rebels refuse to speak slower or alter their accent to please anyone.(Sound clip coming soon)

The men religiously wear name brand colorful jeans like Paco, Color Code and Tommy Hilfiger. Linen outfits are their favorite attire. Some of the older male Rebels may still wear tailor made pants, (aka “Lents”) Bally shoes and vikings; they despise crests and polo shirts as much as fire likes water. The women wear those lovely sequined dresses that seem to “shimmer and glitter” with astounding brightness at any hour of the day. They highlight their beauty with earrings all over their bodies (not limited to ears and nose); which is quite unique and beautiful in its own way.

Favorite Foods
Brown Stew Fish, Curry Goat, Mannish water, Cowfoot, Trip and beans, Rice and Peas, “Rundown”.

Favorite Drinks
Heineken, Dragon Stout, Red Stripe, Irish Moss, Magnum, Front End Lifters, Strong Back etc.

Dancehall Reggae

Football (Soccer), Reggae music, Reggae music, dominoes, horse racing (the gambling kind) and more Reggae music.

House of Leo (Kingston), Stone Love Parties (Across the Island), Negril.

To live an easy-going life and not worry about moving up to a Risto or Risto-Rebel Status.

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Delano George Bell