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Jamaican Food Fight: Red Herring vs Callaloo & Saltfish – Guess Who Won?

We asked our facebook fans who would win a Jamaican food fight between Red Herring vs Callaloo & Saltfish. Here are the results and what some of what our fans wrote. Feel free to add your own comments.

Vote count:
Red Herring  –  40%
Callaloo & Saltfish  – 60%

Selected Comments:

D Scott – Callalloo and saltfish. Why not substitute the saltfish for the red herring, then you would get the beauty of both world.

E Williamson – Red Herring every time

C King – Callaloo all by itself………all day

D Smith – Red herring and with breadfruit of course

S Jen – callaloo and saltfish everytime

Contact us about the Jamaican food fight you would like to see. Be sure to check out our facebook fan page.

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