Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

I love a cup of coffee in the morning, don’t you? Okay in the states we have Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts and a gabillion other brands of java and tons of little shops from town to town that sell coffee. How come I rarely see Jamaican blue mountain coffee here in the states? It is kind of like red stripe, it is around but not everywhere. So when are the marketing genius’s going to see that blue mountain reggae coffee shops are the next money maker. Yes that is right another idea because I don’t have the money to start it up but hey with great coffee and a completely new atmosphere, REGGAE BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE SHOPS. It has to sell.

So we have contests to win a weeks vacation at the blue mountain site where the coffee is grown. Tour the plantation, great for getting the name out there. See the work involved and actually get in on some of the work. Listen to reggae. See that wonderful Jamaican weather, people will tell all their friends to come to Jamaica to see all the wonderful things you can do there.

Speaking of Red Stripe beer shouldn’t they organize some sort of visit red stripe, go for a tasting tour. Again make reggae and red stripe #1. Now if they don’t want to let them into the facility, I am talking the one between Mobay and Negril, then set up a customer appreciation area so people visiting or site seeing in the area can check out some of the best beer in the world. Made with real cane sugar only the best.

Well since we are only talking about drinking so far what would a day without rum be like? In Jamaica they rub the rum on you for certain ailments and those that don’t want to use it externally well they drink it. I know the Appleton rums I drink when I’m there are so very good and extremely powerful, much better than the Americanized Puerto Rican rums generally found here in the states.

If I am not mistaken pineapples can and are being grown there and can be harvested even quicker than ones grown in Hawaii. So come be happy, eat, drink and think Jamaican. Because this is the next hot spot to be.

It just doesn’t get any better than this. Or does it? Jerk products would be the beginning of a happy day. Jerk chicken, jerk shrimp and great authentic Jamaican cooking with a place to sit and sample all flavors of reggae food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner done Jamaican style.

Tourism maybe #1, to see all the beauty Jamaica has to offer to its visitors. But the culture and the music and all the wonderful things to sample, eating and drinking while you are there visiting are just world class and not to be ignored.

Charlie Marks