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Reggae Interview Series: Reggae Music In France

Question: What is the reggae scene like there ?

A lot of french people like reggae music, and they are many bands, many places to listen to reggae.

Question: How about the ska scene ?

No idea…

Question: What first drew your attention to Reggae ?

My aunt…who was a Bob Marley fan. I was about ten I guess, and I thought the album “Catch a fire” was really funny, as a blue lighter…and then I started to love the music…

Question: What was the first Reggae song you ever heard ?

Maybe “Catch a fire”, I’m not too sure… but it was one from Bob Marley.

Question: What artists influence the reggae scene here ?

Bob Marley, Peter Tosh,…

Question: What style of reggae is played often in your country? [Dancehall, Lovers, Rock, Conscious etc.] What style do the majority of fans seem to prefer ?

I think the most popular are roots, dub and dancehall.

Question: Was the fact that Reggae is English and Patois a barrier ?

No, I don’t think so.

Question: Is Reggae mainstream and is it played on the radio there? Videos on TV ?

No, not really. They are some programms on the radio, but it’s very very rare to see a reggae band on TV…

Question: If someone traveled to visit your home and wanted to hear reggae music what would they have to do ?

In Paris, it’s quite easy to find a place to listen to reggae music. In other cities, it’s better to check on the Internet, to see if they are any shows or festivals.

Question: How would you describe your country’s reggae sound and development ?

For the sound, nothing really original… for the development, well, not bad !

Question: What are some of the names of the popular local artist? Who would be the

top 5 artists ?

Livin’ Soul ,K2r Riddim, Baobab, Lyricson, Daddy Morry.

Question: How did you get interested in Reggae ?

I was feeling really good listening to reggae, and I always wanted more…

Question: Who is your favorite Reggae Artist ?

Bob Marley.

Question: Where do you think Reggae will be in 10 years time ? And in Your country ?

I think more and more people like reggae music all around the World, so it will be the same in France.

Question: Do you think there is anything preventing Reggae from flourishing for you

and your fellow artists there?

Maybe some wrong ideas that very often people have about reggae (like drugs…), and not enough money to promote it.

Question: How are you involved in Reggae?

Writing articles for the site “Reggaefrance.com” (http://www.reggaefrance.com/)

Question: In some countries you might see people wearing a Jamaican-style hat with

fake dreadlocks attached when they attend reggae concerts and other events. Do you

see anything that you see in your country ?

Well, people use to wear Bob Marley’s T-shirts ; green, yellow and red hats…

Question: Have you ever been to Jamaica ?

Unfortunately not !

Question: Do you have many/any Jamaican people living there ?

Quite a few. Maybe something like 50 all around France. But Tyrone Downie is living in Metz.

Question: Do you eat Jamaican food ? Like what ?

No, not really. It’s quite difficult to find jamaican’s food in France. There is just one Ital restaurant in the north of Paris (Saint-Ouen).

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