Remittances, Charity And Aid Are Not Economic Development; Are We Building An Economy ?

Many organizations and groups are doing extensive charity and aid work in and for Jamaica. Others are providing scholarships, information, support and valuable networking opportunities and the majors provide loans and financing sources. Some, like restoration project under Lorna Stanley in Trench Town, in my opinion in the top three in Jamaica, are on the front lines impeding the growth of the crime production factory and building self-esteem in young lives. And some like Upliftment Jamaican and other Caribbean focussed 5013cs, with proper guidance and focus can be a major tool in uplifting the man in the hill and country. To become more effective in their pursuits, these organizations and groups like the IMF, World Bank, DFID, USAID, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace,the proposed Jamaica Diaspora Fund, and the numerous Caribbean related organizations outside of and under the Najasco umbrella, should be aware of policies which contradict with the process of nation building and self-development and thus protect against becoming the saboteurs of their good works. With the aid of divination, some relevant factors involved are presented here.

“It is important to note that charity and aid, especially when sourced from governments, have not been shown to effectively and efficiently reduce poverty. Many economists have noted in numerous studies that such donations do not improve long-term living standards nor improve economic growth at all. Brett Schaefer, economist at the Heritage Foundation,recently showed that of 77 nations receiving aid totaling more than 1% of their GDP between 1980 and 2001, 33 experienced a decline in real per-person GDP, while shockingly, only eight grew at a rate faster than 3%”. (Investors Business Daily).

Aid donor organizations, however, can counter by saying that aid saves lives and some persons like the disabled, can in no way effectively, solely provide for themsselves. Exceptions, though even when true, should in no way be used as a basis on which general policy is formulated and charity and aid organizations and lending agencies should really examine their goals, mission statements and desired outcomes, because if they are providing mere aid in the form of supplies, food and cash and other consumables, outside of a scripted agenda with some required performance measured by a quantitative or qualitative indicator, they are not contributing to the long term goal of economic development, self-reliance and nation building. Indeed their well-intentioned efforts may be eroding hard earned gains on the path to independent and interrelated national growth and development, a contradictory position. Frankly, when one examines the long term results of the lending policies of many international agencies, it is easy to see how many persons come to believe that the real purpose behind the lending programs was and is to undercut the development of struggling nations and keep the first world ahead by keeping thirdworlders in a dependency syndrome- what some now call, globalization.

While some aid gifts may indeed be justified, they should be structured if possible, so that they do not resemble welfare and this discussion is important because aid providers should know what the potential results of their efforts can be. Let me first say that I am of the school of philosophy that believes strongly in teaching a man and a nation, how to fish after he or that nation, when hungry, has been given a fish. If you study the psychological, social and developmental effects of continuous aid and charity and its effects on individual recipients and national economies, some shocking revelations become uncomfortably apparent. Here, in my opinion, are what some of those effects are:

1. CONTINUOUS aid and charity weakens the recipient’s faith, confidence and belief in himself, to work, strive, and attain goals and assets that the aid allows him to accumulate. “Why should I work if someone is paying my bills and covering my expenses”? Indeed a state of lack is a powerful motivator to the competitive spirit of the human being and nation and thus not always negative. This concept of having an entity earn its own way is familiar to the human developmental process, but many charities and international lending agencies seem to completely abandon its significance! The earn-your-way concept, is important in human development because in the real world, as in nature, after an entity has reached maturity, his success and path through life becomes his responsibility, instead of that of his parents. No normal human being can expect to be parented his entire life and likewise no normal nation should expect its standard of life to be financed by the tax dollars of citizens of other countries. Decades of aid to the Jamaican government has conditioned the politicians and government to believe that they cannot undertake any major project without some sort of overseas aid- usually disguised under fancy names and financial phrases such as debt instruments, or budgetary financing. The examples are too numerous to list.

2. CONTINUOUS aid and charity often creates an inferiority complex in the mind of the recipient and he subconsciously believes that the donor is superior to him. This is especially true in many third world countries where there is a prevailing opinion that products developed at home is inferior to those overseas, an opinion which in many instances, has no factual basis! If you continue to provide all the solutions to a solution seeker, he will naturally come to view you as greater than he is in solving problems. This is also true on a national level and we have seen in many instances the government send overseas for experts or consultants, while there are adequate ones at home.

3. CONTINUOUS aid and charity also creates a superiority syndrome in the mind of the donor and he subconsciously believes that the recipient is inferior to him. Consequently, there is the development of this aura of subconscious and often conscious feeling of superiority, which many mistakenly call racism. When many caucasians speak down to persons from the third world, it is out of this spirit that they speak- they subconsciously feel superior as they perhaps should, because it is their tax dollars which come to us as aid. Now then, perceptive minds can understand why experts in their field from the third world are often not respected when they migrate to the so-called developed countries. If you give the man on the street corner a dollar every week, you will not and should not respect any advice he gives you about investments or how to get rich! Truth is parrallel at different levels.

4.WHEN you break the competitive human spirit of one man, one family, one village, one community, one city and one country, you deprive the nation of benefitting from the competitive spirits and efforts of a people. It is an undeniable fact that the earth thrives on competition. Inventions, patents and advances in medicine and the sciences, are aided by the competitive human spirit. The stronger that competitive spirit, the greater are the chances for progress. This is one reason why immigrants in any country around the world tend to outperform the locals. Their competitive spirit is stronger than the locals because they subconsciously and consciously know they have more lessons to learn, more adaptation to encounter and more knowledge to digest than those who already have walked these paths. Competition builds a nation, helps to keep the prices of consumer products low and is a catalyst for national and individual developmental optimism and performance as we see in athletics amd other area of sports. This is an undeniable fact! Continuous aid and charity breaks the human spirit of competitiveness and because of this the next point follows.

5. CONTINUOUS aid and charity helps to keep individuals and countries in perpetual states of under-development and many international conglomerates and some first world nations benefits from this. Let me say though, that this statement does not mean leaving a country or village or community to find prosperity by it own strength, rather a combination of aid / scholarship / knowledge and hard smart physical and mental effort, sacrifice and delayed self-gratification, from the recipient is the path of best compromise. For example Jamaica does not have enough experts to take over its Bauxite industry after how many years? All the aid from Alcoa and Alcan and Reynolds have kept us from even offering courses in bauxite and aluminium manufacturing, exporting and marketing because the “gowament” seems to be satisfied with the levy, I mean aid. We have been satisfied with the bauxite levy and thus we do not have a competitive spirit to say to the bauxite internationals “we want some of our locals to be trained and employed in every aspect of bauxite and aluminium mining, processing and marketing.”

6. AID donors commonly make the mistake of not setting strict standards of progress in some project or using some measurable personal development criteria, for any follow-up aid gifts, thus creating a welfare mentality. You can see many examples at work in the CAribbean and this then opens the door for misuse and fraud. The free education process is a classic example here. Most Jamaican students are given free education for public schooling from high school and below. Even some advanced schooling was/is free. This has embedded a welfare mentality in the minds of these students. There is no demand that these students maintain a B average or be prompt for classes or have exemplary behaviour or for parents to attend PTA meetimgs. This culture of freeness have taught the nation the nation that it is possible to live above its means and this has manifested in several areas. What the nation needs, are youths with strong faith, minds of steel, the perserverance and persistence of a starving hunter and other traits, but when these are absent, then the next point follows.

7. CONTINUOUS aid and charity diverts the attention of the recipient away from his strengths, contributing directly to further under-development. Jamaica was a historical powerhouse in sugar production but because the Europeans gave us aid in the form of above market prices, the sugar industry became complacent, lazy and shortsighted and did not focus sufficiently on research into by-products, increasing competitiveness, increasing productivity and seeking new markets, a direct result of the long-term aid, leading directly to the underdevelopment of the sugar industry and an inability to compete effectively on the world markets when the aid / charity was finally rightly challenged and removed. I have not studied this but I would not be surprised to find a strong corelation between the European sugar subsidy (aid) and the decline or accelerated decline in the local sugar productivity. The effects of the sugar industry delving into research and diversification are obvious. These are the areas in which the UWI and other locally educated persons would find employment preventing their migration and brain drain. Charity and aid thus contributes to the migration of the educated sophisticates and paradoxically directly subsidizes some of the aid donor countries with the brain power from the third world! Rosalee Hamilton, of tradetalk fame, was heard clamoring for resistance against WTO sugar subsidy ruling on radio recently. I listenned with breathless fascination and realized how far even the educated sophisticates have jumped into the depths of aid reliance which they have substituted for sovereign national economic growth and self-efforts. What is shocking is that these brilliant persons like her, see nothing wrong with their focus.

8. Aid and the freeness mentality causes the recipient to focus on competitively disadvantaged projects. Because the nation is diverted away from its strengths it often seeks to focus in areas in which it does not have a competitive advantage. A combination of several of the above factors then causes governments of the Caribbean to invest in areas in which their are competitively disadvantaged, like airline travel and then they are mystified why after thirty years they are still subsidizing these airlines! The freeness mentality, low competitive spirit, a desire to live above their means and the absurd notion of thinking that a business can be run as a charity, has caused the Jamaican government to spend hundreds of billions of dollars subsidizing Air Jamaica for decades, when they should instead, have leased under performance guarantees, the air routes to other airlines, contract them to train Jamaicans in the airline business and would have made Jamaica a wealthy country today if those hundreds of billions had simply been invested in the banking sector earning passbook interest revenues!

9. AID donors who have become enlightenned and are interested in the true welfare of the recipients also make the mistake of thinking that they can place their own desire inside the consciousness of the recipient (i.e. they have a greater desire for the recipient to advance than the recipient has for himself and can literally hijack the will of the recipient!) This condition has severe negative repercussions and should be classed as a psychological disorder. Instead lackadaisical persons should be left to their own delusions and worthy participants should be engaged.

10. WHEN the recipient has become dependent on the donor then the donor tends to develops an ungodly attitude and often makes demands which he thinks are for the good of the recipient (i.e. he assumes a god-like position and creates standards for the relationship without often consulting the recipient.) Again you can see examples of this all over the world. A recent one involves the USA setting up a child trafficking body and rules without consulting (I do not know who they consulted) Jamaica and then imposing the standards on Jamaica and saying that if the government does not comply they will cut off aid and pressure the World Bank and IMF to take negative positions when considering funding for Jamaica. Considering the way the “gowament” jumped to effective action when the USA lowered the island’s human trafficking rating though, maybe the way to clean up the crime industry in Jamaica is for the US state department to announce that they will reduce aid to Jamaica and put the country on the terrorist watch list if it does not reduce the murder rate by 75% and get the illegal guns off the streets so its tourist citizens can feel safe! Condoleeza Rice are you reading this? Help! Help!

11. CONTINUOUS aid and charity subconsciously makes the recipient feel that he owes the donor a favor and makes him hesitate to challenge the actions and statements of his donor, that he disagrees with. Examples of this abound worldwide as in cases when the USA and China pressures small states to vote on their side at the UN or when the communist countries who used to vote as a bloc regardless of the topic, take the same side against the USA. The Cuban phenomenon is a perfect example of this. Charity weakens the negotiating power and aggressiveness of the recipients. Other examples include when the USA requests the extradition of persons from Jamaica for trial. The Jamaican judiciary seem to be too anxious to acquiese disregarding the actions of the USA which itself which often refuses the extradition requests of other governments. The Italians have requested the extradition of CIA agents who kidnapped a person from Italy, without the approval of local authorities, but it is not even being considered. Today, December 6, 2006 the Italians have announced the indictment of 16 CIA officers and other Americans in this kidnapping! What did Jamaica do when US federal agents came to Jamaica and kidnapped suspects? We all know the answer to that one. The Columbian government have also made a similar request and of course there is the well known Yukos affair. And of course their is the longstanding Haitian affair in which Emanuel Constant, now a real estate broker in New York City, was wanted for trial for numerous murders in Haiti. The USA flatly refused to extradite him for trial! In the case of Jamaica, many, believes that the Jamaican Judiciary has been tainted by the overseas aid connection to Jamaica and persons are quickly extradited so as not to anger the aid donors. Charity and aid therefore, has the potential to affect the purity of our justice system.

12. CONTINUOUS aid and charity brainwashes the individual recipient and country into thinking that success is achievable without having to pay the requisite price. This is directly related to the “war on crime”. The citizenry is so brainwashed that they will demonstrate against police shootings but they have no heart to demonstrate against the murderous gunmen! The war against crime will not be won without the sacrifice of the lives of security officers and brave citizens in the same way that the country will not prosper without the country paying the price needed for prosperity. This is a country that desires improved outcomes without paying the required price because we have become so used to begging for overseas aid that we believe that we do not have to pay a price for anything and if it is not availabe through begging then we are seemingly lost and do not know what strategy to use to acquire it. But we have chosen freedom and democracy and with it and our begging mentality, we have developed a spirit of inertia and fear of criticism from organizations like Human Rights Watch, and a fear that the overseas aid and charity will be cut, consequently when there is a successful system of crime eradication like that used by the brave patriot Adams and his group, we jump like robots to muffle it at the first sound of overseas disapproval or news conference by HRW, because the massa’s cousins, Human Rights Watch and Jamaicans For (whose name should really be Jamaicans for Selective Justice)”Justice” has convinced the nation that crime fighting can be successful without unfortunate incidents and even illegal acts from some passionate security officers. The Rudolf Giuliani (breaking news- the next president of the USA) administration in New York who was wrongly credited with solely reducing the crime rate in New York and which has been foolishly praised locally as the second coming of Wyatt Earp, did have some success with quality of life crimes but the secret is they broke the law to do so and was later sued successfully by thousands of New Yorkers. In any successful crime reduction operation or war there will be wrongful deaths by security forces but this should not be reason to disband a successful strategy. There has never been a war without wrongful deaths occurring. The charity and aid that this country loves so much has been the greatest destabilizer of the country. Aid without a requisite performance cripples greatly and cripples some more! Is this so hard to see? Crime will not decrease until the citizens take responsibility and see themselves as the accomplice to every murder, rape and robbery and repent and accept a spirit of rejection of this serpent and accept that many will have to pay the true highest price for progress.

13. PERHAPS the greatest mistakes made by aid donors like the Salvation Army, Red Cross and individuals like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett is to not seek to develop in the recipients, those same characteristics which help contribute to their own success. In other words, they are happy to have the poor depending on them, as it massages their egos. They, for the most part, will not empower the poor. Perhaps for good reason though, as many believe that the poor will always be with us. Nevertheless, here are some of the attributes that contributed to the success of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett:

(a). The habit of doing more than being paid for.

(b). Your success lies with the things that you love or would do without being paid.

(c). Finding someone who has been successful in the field you choose, and making that person your mentor – never accept no or rejection from them.

(d). Your imagination is creation- (this is much deeper than ‘think and grow rich’).

(e). Learn from failure, never be defeated by it.

(f). Whatever you choose as a career / business, study it until you know it and understand it better than 90% of the persons in that field. (this is the Warren Buffet mantra).

(h). Self-control – hold your seed; having children unprepared and or out of wedlock leads directly to poverty.

(i). Surround yourself with a mastermind group of individuals who are, if possible, all smarter than you. (this one is for any future Prime Minister of Jamaica)

(j). Whenever possible, hedge or insure yourself and all your investments. Warren Buffet one of the three best stock market investors in the world today, (the other two are George Soros and George Fontanills) never buys stock without using insurance (called stock options) to reduce the chances of loss through price depreciation. Risk reduction is vital for wealth accumulation.

14. AID donors too, make the grave mistake of believing that their charity efforts are the same as mentoring. Confusing charity with mentoring is very common. The ultimate true test of a successful mentorship takes place when the mentor relocates. If mentoree cannot duplicate the strategies and lessons learned, then the process was never mentoring at all, or if it was, then it a miserable failure.

15. ANY person or nation that raises its level of standard of life expectations above its level of skills, education, network and productive potential and raises its population numbers above the job potential of its economy, is asking for trouble and social unrest. When international lending organizations and charities fund this unreasonable consumer appetite, they are infact knowingly contributing to the profits of the first world where much of their aid ends up, and perpetuating a new form of modern slavery and economic rape and by geometric extension the runaway crime rates!. This is the great hidden secret of the success of the Hollywood Trojan Horses. These mediums strategizes to raise the standard of life expectations of viewers so they have strong desires for the products and lifestyles being displayed. When the viewers then do not raise the level of their skills, and education levels and levels of faith and persistence and focus to acquire a higher standard of life, they tend to become discontented and resort to destructive bahavioursuch as borrowing money for consumption. As a classis example my parents who are not wealthy saved up their hard earned scarce money just to pay for a visit to the USA and I have to send money to pay for doctor’s visit. Their raised level of expectation causes them to spend money foolishly instead of spending it wisely to treat their ills and maladies!

16. WE all know that aid and gifts are not treated with the same respect and protection as rewards earned with sweat, blood and tears. This is a natural reaction and one of the fundamental principle of the human experience. There are many examples worldwide but the phenomenon of the many lottery winners who end up in a worse state years after their windfall, is classic!

17. WHEN CHARITY AND AID IS REMOVED THE RECIPIENT OFTEN RESORTS TO ANGER AND OR VIOLENCE Someone please help me with this one. The Europeans were paying us above market prices for sugar for decades and now that the world court have ruled, quite correctly that this was illegal, the Jamaican government is talking about suing (a legally violent responce) and the ministers are screaming and calling for citizen revolts and demonstrations. Say for instance you stop giving the bum on the street corner a weekly ten dollars because your wife says that it was not fair to the family and it should go to your son’s college fund. Would it not be shocking to see the bum threatening to stone you everytime you past that way? But that is exactly the reaction that the bum (Jamaica) would resort to especially if his (sugar industry and the government) skills and faith are so poor that he cannot replace his income! Do you see why the country is in the state it is in? If our educated sophisticates and government have become so addicted to aid and charity that they threaten legal violence and citizen revolts against the aid source when they reduce aid allotments, then how can anyone expect the man in the hill and ghetto to display any kind of civilized behaviour when the “gowament” says that there is no money for Christmas “aid”, I mean work? How can such a man not resort to violence? What level of hypocrisy is this?

18. THE AID RECIPIENT RESORTS TO VIOLENCE WHEN AID IS REMOVED BECAUSE HE EVENTUALLY BELIEVES THAT THE AID IS HIS RIGHT! Over two years since the WTO decision to cut the sugar subsidy to Jamaica, our politicians and ambassadors are still arguing over it and others like David Jessop of the Caribbean Council still write cloudy articles talking about insufficient European support. What a shame; we need to cut out the begging and get to work. Instead or arguing over sugar subsidies we should be negotiating to take over our bauxite before it runs out. Any pattern of physical behaviour will result in a consequent development of a path of parallel brain impulse conditioning. Jamaica and its government have come to believe that the world is supposed to support a false standard of living of a people who do not want to raise their consciousness to match their desires. Marcus Garvey is not a hero of Jamaica. He deserves another country. We see the same type of behaviour from the UWI students who have come to believe that access to student loans is a right that they deserve and we have heard several of them championing this. Years of providing these loans without re-affirming that such loans are a privilege, have caused these students to be mentally conditionned.

19. AID is often even structured to offer a direct benefit to the aid donor. When for instance, USAID gives fifty million dollars for the construction of dormitories for the College of Agriculture, their is in the fine print of the agreements, clauses that mandate the use of of supplies and or architects that are associated with or based in the USA! Dorms are thus built as if Jamaica was a cold weather country with enclosed hallways!

20. CHARITY and aid often supports the abandonment of sound accounting, finance and economic principles. A dependence on charity will eventually lead a nation to make financial and business decisions that businesses would never make. Currently, the nurses, doctors, teachers and other civil service workers are all demanding salary increases from the government. Who is the government is supposed to rob, to pay the salary increases considering that the government is bankrupt and almost one thrillion dollars in debt? Some other pertinent questions demand an answer:

(a). What or who has convinced the Jamaican populace to believe that they deserve salary increases when the country is an unprofitable business, J$900 thrillion in debt and bankkrupt?

(b). What or who has convinced the Jamaican populace that they deserve a standard of life above what they can afford?

(c). Who should pay for this standard of living since the Jamaican people demand it and cannot afford it and will burn the country down if they do not get it?

(d). If you agree that the government should borrow money to pay salaries, why do you believe that citizens of other countries should support us borrowing their monies, which we will never pay back, just to support our unrealistic lifestyle?

(e). How long should this borrowing continue and when the lenders finally reject us, as they must, what should we do then?

21. CHARITY creates a false sense of security that is threatenned when the aid is cut or removed and creates a sentiment that the recipients must maintain their current standard of living even if they do not have the personal resources to finance it. Hence in Jamaica, there is this practice to borrow to pay salaries and a union industry that screams and demands salary increases for workers in unprofitable industries and businesses like Air Jamaica! How can a union industry patriot demand that a failing business pay its workers salary increases while at other airlines in other countries they are cutting not only salaries, but jobs and pension benefits? The charity-freeness-mentality and desire to live above their means have helped hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans to buy and pay outrageous cell phone charges when they do not even have a college scholarship fund for their children!

22. CHARITY and aid is not economic development. Charity evangelists point to several countries which they say disproves this challenge; Botswana, Chile, Costa Rica and Taiwan but upon examination of the circumstances surrounding their economic growth, other factors are almost certain to emerge as significant contributors. Further study is needed of these examples though, to confirm this.

23. “JAMAICANS abroad are always hankering for the food of their childhood. Tourists are warming to our local dishes, as spicier food becomes more popular. Our music, culture, anything in black, green and gold sell out long before the big concert is over, entertainment journalist,Winford Williams once told me. It beats me that this huge demand has not translated into prosperity for our people.” Jean Lowrie Chin.

I can add a few points to hers. Bob Marley portraits and T-shirst with his likeness, are hugely popular items sold on the streets of New York daily while they are almost completely absent from the shelves of major retailers like Macys or JC Pennys. There are over one million Caribbean nationals living in New York City where the West Indian parade, the largest parade in North America, persistently undercounted, draws crows of over two million every year. These figures are even more interesting because when you go into most Caribbean neighborhoods on that day one finds thousands of persons who are not at the parade! The reason why there has never been a concentrated effort from the homeland to tap these trends and pent up demand is because the vital entrepreneurial ability to take risks in business has been sabotaged by our love and affinity for charity and aid. Grace Kennedy and other food retailers seem to think that vast profits can be had by simply having their products distributed through the competitive pipelines instead of persuing the strategy of owning the pipelines themselves. But this ownership is a risk that the spirit of charity dependence has severely weakenned. Charity and aid weakens the desire for risk taking leading to a dearth of capitalists and major home based businesses. Dennis Morrison in the Wednesday, July 19, 2006 Observer wrote, “Many of our home-grown capitalists have, by and large, been content to live on government paper that has spoiled their appetite for risk-taking. So accustomed have they become to this unproductive investment activity that now that interest rates on these instruments are declining, they are at a loss as to what other options can be pursued. Just take a look at how the lowering of interest rates on government paper has eroded the profits of some of Jamaica’s largest companies, whether they be in the financial sector or otherwise.”

This is the first writer or person in the island that I know of of who is wise and bold enough to declare what I have been saying for the past two years!

24. A culture of charity and aid efforts eventually penetrates the consciousness of a nation and the citizens begin to use the same techniques on themselves and on its government. Hence we see the citizens of Jamaica clamoring for salary increases even though they know that the government is bankrupt, and union representatives screaming that the government must find resources to pay their members. The national consciousness is one that now says that government can borrow money to pay them; a direct result of a culture of borrowing to fund projects.

25. MINISTER DR. THE HON. OMAR DAVIES recently commented on the remittance issue. “According to reports out of Britain, Jamaica’s Finance minister, Omar Davies, believes that money from remittances to the island fuels consumption and does not lead to greater investment activity.” Jamaica Observer Of course this is the man who has led the Jamaican borrow to consume brigade leading the charge in the increase of the national debt from $15 billion to over $900 billion in 18 years!

THIS TYPE OF TEACHING IS VERY DANGEROUS The European countries knew exactly what they were doing when they launched their aid programs. One of the way to stay on top is to keep a segment of the world dependent so they cannot mount any competitive economic strategies. Aid without performance guarantees does exactly that. This too is the hidden purpose of globalization. I guarantee you if any public person begins to teach this they would be immediately demonised because billions of dollars and valuable industries are at risk. There is no one teaching this and this type of document is worth its weight in gold. Treasure it because you will not hear this in many places, certainly not in the halls of the World Bank, IMF or the Carnegie Endowment place. We had an emancipation on paper centuries ago, but we never had an emancipation in mind. Likewise we received independence on paper but are yet to become independent in mind!

There is a culture of begging that the massa experience embedded in the consciousness of many and the nation will never, ever become a true independent nation or a profitable one until the lessons of giving, true sacrifice, delayed self-gratification, and a love for self and self-efforts, is taught in the parliament, at all levels of the ministeries, in every church and schools and colleges in the nation.

Sincere aid providers should ensure that checks and balances exists in the programs which administers aid supplies. Periodic reports and audits are a must to certify adherence to requests for fair administration of resources. Even children should be taught that aid is not welfare. Research shows that a child learns more during the first 7 years than they will learn the rest of their lives. Almost all world leaders in sports / business started at a young age-three to five. This means that most children who have not been exposed to success principles / education before age 7, will never reach their fullest potential again. This is a powerful argument for supporters of aid for children education, especially those whose parents are poverty-stricken. Children should be empowered to be world leaders and entrepreneurs and scientists and to appreciate that every gift is a seed and should lead to a harvest of requisite performance indicated by periodic reports of good grades and behaviour,(I hate welfare and so does God).

Should aid organizations then cease their charityy efforts and keep their money to spend on themselves? Many have unwittingly been used as tools in the game being played by the globalization proponents, but now the spirit of freedom has brought the light of truth to shine on your minds-open them and see. It is a time for introspection, reflection and redirection because those organizations that cannot display qualities that empower aid recipients will indeed be challenged first and exposed next.

There are many but they require hard, smart work, sacrifice and delayed self-gratification a path which the nation and politicians are not willing to take!