Review: Great Vibes At Richie Stephens Album Launch

Great Vibes At Richie Stephens Album Launch Reggae artist Richie Stephens performed live to launch his album “Real Reggae Music”, which features 14 songs. Stephens performed songs from the new album showcasing his experience and versatility as a seasoned reggae musician, compelling the audience to shout out their appreciation. Despite being held at 10.30p.m. on a Sunday night the venue was electrified with fans who turned up in their numbers and danced to real reggae music. Special guests for the evening were Richie’s two bonafide bredrins musician Derrick Barnett and singer, songwriter and producer Ed Robinson.

Derrick Barnett took to the stage as a singer giving the audience a taste of his vocal skills. Barnett sang 3 songs that he produced. Robinson then gave the crowd three tunes all were pulled up. As always Ed’s performance was very energetic, funny and pleasing. Thereafter, he called the Silky voiced crooner to the mic. In a brief speech Stephens spoke of the need to bring back real reggae music and he compared and contrasted the present state of reggae music in our community verses the European community. He also thanked his fans, colleagues and friends Ed Robinson and Derrick Barnett who have been with him from the beginning of his career to the present day. Among those attending the launch were singer and songwriter Marcia Davis and Paul Wayne. Radio Hosts Fran Chin, Goose, Dj Bandit, Dub Master and Vaughn All Star. Selectors Rebels Dawatas and Roast Breadfruit. Event Planner, Tamara Dresinger. Stylist, Violeta. Luciana Maneri, CEO Push Broom Gang and Poet/Rapper, Ken Text.

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