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Review: One Love In The Park With Sanchez and Friends

So it’s Valentine’s Day and you want to do something special with your love, what to do what to do? What about if you’re single and looking for love on Valentine’s Day, fret not. Let’s hope there is a One Love in the Park in your future and let’s hope Sanchez brings his friends!

Perfect setting, Hollywood’s amphitheater. Just get there in time to park, and you are set!! Gem Myers cemented the mood with her powerful rendition of soothing melodies like “Nothing”, “And I am telling you”.

Then Lukie D tore on stage in his periwinkle blue, skin tight pants, yellow shirt and tie and white jacket. Dressed to the nines!!  He backed off the jacket after a time cause “it wassa squeeze him”, leaving some to wonder if the pants were next, cause they were equally as tight. The man was well tailored!

His silky voice delivered a number of hits to rock the crowd, then he decided to “bun out obeah man” with some good old gospel. “Many Rivers to Cross” and “Hear My Cry Oh Lord” took the crowd to church!

The lovers were soothed with “Lets Get it On” Oh baby!! Hold you lover closer. Later his tribute to John Holt begged for audience participation, so much so that he worried they almost stole the show from him. The crowd sounded good too!!

The Emcee in his pink shirt and powder pink jacket, and the band in their red and white suits let you now that the evening was meant for Love. One Love in the Park.

Wayne Wonder sang his heart out- all the goodies. “Saddest Day in my Life”, “No letting Go”, “Love and Affection”, “Anything Goes”, “Dangerous”, so “I don’t know why” it had to end! It was on fire! Excellent set up for Sanchez who did not disappoint! Sleek and sexy, cool and deadly. Hotter than hot- blinged out yet classy, El senor came to sing, and sing he did- starting out from backstage with a seamless version of “All of me”. He launched into “Lonely wont leave me alone”, “This little Love”, “Live it Up” and so many more!! The guitarist with the little guitar was so lively, he gave me a thrill (see if you can spot him in the “Pass the Kutchie” clip). But THEN as soon as Sanchez start get ready fi SING, I mean the man take off him pristine white jacket, and ready fi dig down deep- who that but the City of Hollywood or whatever powers-that-be just braps start lock off lights and harangue the man for the mike!!! Noooo, they robbed us and determined that the show must come to an end L And so it did, quite abruptly, despite Sanchez’ best efforts and the audience’s highest hopes.

Regardless, One Love in the Park hit all the right notes! Lets hope this does become a Valentine’s Day tradition for South Florida!

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