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Book Review: Missing Joe

Joe, Dilys and their son Sean are all outsiders in the small English town where they live. Joe because of insidious racism, Dilys because she suffers the remaining stigma of her alcoholic mother and mentally ill father, and Sean because he seems slow. As Dilys and Sean become increasingly and unhealthily co-dependent, Joe is pushed to periphery of their lives. So much so that when he vanishes, Dilys is neither surprised nor concerned. Then Joe’s identical twin brother Neville arrives from Jamaica. Despite what Dilys tells him, he refuses to believe that Joe simply walked out on his family. And so he begins a painstaking investigation into Joe’s disappearance. What he discovers changes him forever.


“Following his critically acclaimed debut, Toy Soldiers, Stephen Thompson uses the distinct narrative of Missing Joe to build powerful, solid characters…a journey into the depths of the human condition” Big Issue

“A sweetly melancholy book about loss and belonging…Thompson draws you in by mesmerising you with his subtle and tender characterisation.” Sleazenation

“Beautifully plotted… in his sensitive interest in social outsiders, Thompson crafts an emotional honesty from a subject others would sensationalise or exploit” Metro

“Like Neville, the book seems amiable and quiet-toned while managing to disturb and convince.” Time Out

“As rich in dialogue and detail as it is in intrigue.” The Times

Stephen Thompson was born in London but grew up in Jamaica. He now divides his time between Paris and London. As well novels, he also writes screenplays and stage plays and is a literary critic and magazine editor.

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