Bring Back Rocksteady Music

The beauty dancing through the melodic rhymes and magnificent music has robed this island for years. Who can forget one of its Pioneers Mr. Alton Ellis? This music is an amalgamation of ska, Jazz and rhythm and blues.

Benevolence etched in each tone and the message of peace, love and romance is what this genre is known for. It’s an architect of fond memories and grand experiences of the past.  

These archaic hits never fail to draw tissues to my eyes. I told her you know, my sister that is; when a rocksteady song hits my ear I go into nostalgia and depression mode. Why? This is the most beautiful genre of music I have ever heard and it brings me back to the innocence of our little island. Additionally, I become saddened by the fact that the whole world is not privy to this beautiful form of music. It humbles, relaxes and cradles me. It is a far cry from the war lyrics that is embraced by so many. Rocksteady songs are all about love and emotions.  Whenever I retire to my alcove of silence I sometimes reminisce on the lovely rocksteady songs that  I had heard month’s before.

Incidentally, I wish an artiste could revive this genre for my sake and the sake of other rocksteady  fans.  I have dreams that Ricky Love ( an hypothetical  artiste)  would burst onto the scene with a slew of new   rock steady songs and this would cause so  many artistes to follow suit. And guess what? It would be back again. Rocksteady music would finally come back and I would faint on the ground with Ricky singing in the background of endless love and bountiful happiness. Again, the previous statement is only hypothetical because I love my consciousness (I don’t want to faint).

Please bring back  Rocksteady Music.