Round Up JA! A look at the social media happenings of Jamaicans Yaad and Abraad for the week ending July 12 2013!

Warren Weir: (Instagram: @warren_weir) Was a good day in #Budapest 20.01 meet record and meet top performance #Givethanks #BeTheBestYouCanBe #TeamWeir

Chris Gayle: (Instagram: @chrisgayle333) I need a couple more championship rings for W.I.

Naomi Campbell: (Twitter: @NaomiCampbell) #omiquotes fall in love with success and Cheat on failure blessed Sunday!

Ity Ellis: (Twitter: @ItyEllis) What an unforgettable night…MP Babsy Grange & Minister Lisa Hanna…doing our dance and jokes at season six media launch…wow!!!

Shakira Martin: (Facebook) Just realized that on this day two years ago I won a competition that gave me so many life changing and once in a lifetime experiences. Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I never won Miss Jamaica, and then the thought leaves my mind because I couldn’t be happier with the person I am today. Night all!!! 😀

Papa San: (Twitter: @iamPapaSan) Keep your eyes open…God is about to do great things @New album in the making bless up! God up! one love,

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce: (Twitter: @realshellyannfp) God is my champion with Him I’m already a winner, so I’m holding on to his unchanging hands…have a blessed day everyone

Rohan Marley: (Twitter: @Romarley) Power isn’t measured in press clippings. There’s people doing positive things and receiving no recognition.

Cedella Marley: Facebook) If you are faced with a difficult task, it is because its something you can handle…

Etana: (Instagram: @etanastrongone) Had to share this sunset with all my peeps. One perfect love.